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Welcome to this article about whether or not the eucalyptus is an evergreen tree. We might as well reveal the answer straight away. This tree is referred to as an evergreen variety.

This means that the leaves of the tree will stay on it for a very long time before wilting. There will essentially always be leaves growing on it all year round.

In this article, we will also discuss the best environment to be growing the tree in so that you can have it thriving and continue growing and producing new fragrant leaves.

Flowering Eucalyptus Tree Outdoors

Is Eucalyptus An Evergreen

As we said, eucalyptus is an evergreen tree that is responsible for very fragrant and special leaves. These are not only very aromatic, but they are also very decorative in a vase indoors.

As eucalyptus is an evergreen tree we want to have the best possible environment for it to grow in. This way we don’t have to worry at all about cutting leaves and stems from the tree.

Eucalyptus really likes a sunny spot where it can expand its roots. So an open space in your garden would be ideal. But also make sure that when the area here gets watered, either by you or by rain it shouldn’t stay at the top soil.

Having bad water drainage is bad for almost all trees but especially for eucalyptus. It’s used to growing in a place where the soil is dry and there are barely any nutrients

Since the tree is native to Australia where the climate is harsh for trees to grow we don’t really have to worry about either the nutrients or the watering. But it sure won’t harm the tree at least.

When you start out growing a eucalyptus tree we recommend fertilizing the soil beforehand. This will really just make sure that it gets off to the best possible start. It can start establishing itself and grow out of its root system. This goes for either growing it from a seed or a seedling.

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Eucalyptus Trees Growing

Do Eucalyptus Trees Lose Their Leaves In Winter

The leaves of the eucalyptus tree will eventually fall off. But it won’t do it all at the same time. Instead, small amounts every now and again will shed and make room for new vibrant leaves to come forth.

Another thing you might not know about is that the tree will shed its bark too. This is perfectly normal and generally happens when the tree gets older. Just make sure that you pick up and collect the bark as it can leave quite a mess otherwise around the areas it’s growing.

As we said the leaves will last a year before dying off and wilting. These should definitely be collected as they can otherwise start to decompose and make the soil sourer as the pH lowers.

This will cause harm to other plants and trees growing nearby as it gets uninhabitable and difficult to continue growing.

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Eucalyptus Cuttings Growing Outside

Are Eucalyptus Deciduous Or Evergreen

Just like we have established in this article, eucalyptus is an evergreen tree that can thrive in a lot of different environments. Be that dry and unfertilized soil or well-watered and healthy soil.

The tree has become widely popular throughout California and is a great source of fuel but also where a lot of ingredients for eucalyptus-scented soap and candles come from.

The leaves of the eucalyptus will stay for one year before wilting and giving room for new growth. But the best thing is that it won’t shed all at once so there will always be leaves growing on the tree.

Eucalyptus Leaves Growing Outside