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Welcome to this post about how you can grow eucalyptus from cut stems. It is one of the better ways of getting more and more of it growing at home. For me, it can however be a challenge compared to growing it from seed. The tree is a very fast-growing one that quickly shows results.

Since we often also recommend pruning this tree a lot at the end of the season then you can make use of this by taking care of the cuttings and propagating them. The simplest and also the best way is to leave them in a container with water, about 1 – 2 inches of water is enough. This will focus on the development of the roots at the bottom of it.

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Eucalyptus Stems Growing Outside

Can You Grow Eucalyptus From Cut Stems

Growing eucalyptus from stems is very possible. It works a lot like doing it with regular cuttings. The biggest difference that we see is that the stems are usually larger than cuttings when propagating. They can therefore be slightly more difficult to grow properly. This is because the smaller cuttings seem to take on nutrition and whatnot ever faster. With propagating cuttings and stems, the faster they start developing the better.

But if you set it up for success then you should be able to grow it without any problems. What we find to be the best is letting it sit in a container with some water. Normally no more than a few inches will do the trick. The reason for us wanting to have less water is that the roots won’t concentrate at the bottom otherwise. You might think that more roots are good, but not in this context. If the roots would develop on both the very bottom and 10 inches above. Then you just lost 10 inches that could have been over the soil.

Another important thing to remember when propagating these eucalyptus stems is to keep them in the right place. All plants need the sun to grow and get the energy to survive. When growing a cutting this is incredibly important as otherwise the speed is too slow and it will die off before it even has a chance of growing. So keeping it in a sunny place is vital. This is why the best time of the year doing this is during the summer when you can also keep it outdoors.

Eucalyptus Flowering Outside

How To Propagate Silver Dollar Eucalyptus From Cuttings

This very popular variety called Silver Dollar eucalyptus has gained a footing in recent years. It works exactly as the common one in propagating it from cuttings. You want a healthy and thriving branch in the late spring or early summer. This time of the year it will be very happy to continue growing and it will be easier to propagate it.

The best way we have found is to leave it in water as we outlined above. Let it sit here for 2 weeks and you will hopefully be able to see some roots developing. At this point, you can start to prepare where you will transplant it to. Ideally a sunny spot in the garden where it can thrive,

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Eucalyptus Stems Growing Outside