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Welcome to this post about how you can go about growing eucalyptus from a cutting. It might not be the most convenient way or even the fastest but it can be a great headstart nonetheless. It all comes down to being successful in the first part which is when the roots develop. The way we do this is by keeping it in a container filled with water.

Often no more than a couple of inches to focus the growth in the bottom of the cutting. After you have grown a pretty stable and nicely developed roots system then it’s ready to be transplanted to either freeland or a pot. Now it will continue to grow as normal if you keep it well watered and in the sun.

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Eucalyptus Leaves Growing Outside

Can You Plant A Eucalyptus Cutting

Eucalyptus can definitely be propagated from cuttings and is one of the better ways of quickly getting a lot of it growing at home. Since it grows incredibly fast, about 8 feet per season it quickly shows results. The best time of the year to take cuttings is right after the new leaves have started to shoot out. This time of the year the tree is full of life and energy after the winter. Then you can cut away a few cuttings and have them growing and prospering in a container of water first.

Just like we said in the beginning, this is the best way for propagating more eucalyptus. It lets the roots develop in a safe environment. Even though too much water for a regular tree can completely destroy it, here it works fine. Although, if you haven’t seen any growth or roots after a month then most likely it won’t work. Then you can try again but after that, it might be worth considering growing it from seed instead, since it’s so easy.

After it has been developing roots in the safety of the container then it’s ready to be transplanted to the outside. Now it’s important to choose a good place to grow it. The type of environment it really likes is a sunny spot where it can completely indulge in it and grow quickly. The soil should be too compact so that the roots can easily grow deeper and establish themselves.

Keeping it well watered throughout the first year and two is important. Don’t let the surface dry out too much. Even though eucalyptus is a plant native to Australia and is perfectly fine growing in rough and dry environments, we want to maximize the success of propagating it.

Flowering Eucalyptus Tree

How To Dry Eucalyptus Cuttings

Drying the eucalyptus cuttings is one of the best ways of preserving them. It smells incredible and looks beautiful too. Saving the cuttings is a great way of getting some aromatics if you have the luxury of owning a fireplace. Tossing a few in it will make for a wonderful smell.

What To Do With Eucalyptus Cuttings

Some of the things other than growing and propagating the eucalyptus cuttings are stripping them of the leaves and then drying them. These can be perfect to use in tea. They provide a wonderful aroma and flavor to it that is hard to beat really. Making sure that you are using everything in the tree is a vital part of gardening. Completing the cycle per se.

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Eucalyptus Tree Growing Outdoors