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Even though there might seem like there are a lot of things about eucalyptus trees that make them a bad choice to be growing. There are a few positive things about having the tree.

Some of these include the efficiency the tree has when it comes to water consumption. It is a tree that makes the most of what it gets and grows very well in harsh conditions

Other facts include soil erosion and a few things that we will be talking about below. We personally really enjoy the tree for the aroma and fragrance the tree brings to the table.

Pink Eucalyptus Tree Outdoors

Benefits Of Eucalyptus Tree Plantation

Just like we mentioned at the beginning of this article here, there are a few positive things about the eucalyptus tree that is worth knowing about. 

Some of the things that make eucalyptus trees good to grow is that they are very efficient with water. If the soil is very dried up then they can still be growing there and also prosper

Compared to a lot of other trees they are hardy. It originates from Australia where the climate is very tough to grow in, they have managed to overcome and still expand and grow more and more.

We also mentioned the fact that the tree has good soil erosion and surface runoff. This makes it easier for oxygen to get into the soil and eventually creates a more beneficial and healthier soil.

But we also said that the tree has a lovely aroma and fragrance that we find to be one of the best things about the tree. It smells like mint and evergreen. It’s used widely in both perfume and scented candles.

If you are growing it for wood fuel then it’s a very good choice. It burns very hot and will also provide a lot of resources since the tree grows quickly. This is why it was so widely planted many decades ago.

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Eucalyptus Tree Flowering Outside

Is Eucalyptus Good For the Environment

There are a few positives and some negatives to the effect eucalyptus have on the environment. On the positive side, it can produce a lot of biomass as the tree grows very quickly. 

This biomass is turned into the soil eventually and provides nutrients for the next generations of plants that will be growing there. It’s also a very good tree to grow in places like California where there is not a lot of rainfall during the year. Since the tree is very efficient with the amount of water it has around it.

But there are some negatives worth mentioning too. The tree is very competitive and will quickly make other plants and trees not able to grow there anymore as the tree steals the nutrients.

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Flowering Eucalyptus Tree

Is Eucalyptus Tree Farming Profitable

Growing eucalyptus trees is actually a very good way of making money in the tree-growing industry. The number of profits that you can make on the land compared to other tree varieties is a lot higher.

Since the tree grows very quickly it makes it a profitable tree to choose. You can almost harvest the tree after just 5 years, which is a lot quicker than other trees where you instead would do it after many more years. 

In California for example they really saw the potential of this tree and the amount of wood they could harvest from it in a matter of years. Nowadays it’s not hard to find forests of eucalyptus growing all throughout the state.

Eucalyptus Tree Growing In The Shade