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Welcome to this article that will discuss the smell of the eucalyptus leaves. This is where this characteristic flavor that only eucalyptus really has is. It can be compared to both mint and evergreen with a crispiness to it.

The leaves contain the natural oils that are responsible for the smell and fragrance of the tree. Below we will discuss where you can find them, in products such as soap or scented candles for example.

We will also talk about getting the most from eucalyptus cuttings if you have bought some and want to decorate your house at home.

A Forest Of Eucalyptus Trees

Do Eucalyptus Leaves Smell

We think that eucalyptus smells very good and the leaves are our favorite. The rest of the tree will also show some aromas but the leaves is where the magic really happens. 

They contain a lot of natural oils that are what cause this smell that references to eucalyptus. A smell that’s similar to mint in a way that it’s crispy and clean at the same time. But also with a wintergreen aroma to it as well.

This smell has become a favorite among a lot of people and eucalyptus is now a widely used product to use in flavoring. You can find it mostly in soap and scented candles.

This market for it has just started to explode as more and more people see the potential and the positives of eucalyptus leaves.

When you can have some nice decorations then eucalyptus is a great choice. Both in that it looks very good and makes a pretty decoration in a vase, it also has the much-appreciated aroma. A win-win!

Some of the places that have really made the most of eucalyptus and provide a source of natural oils in California. Here the tree fits right in. They grow it widely here and harvest the leaves to make these fragrant and aromatic candles and soaps.

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Eucalyptus Leaves Growing Outside

How Long Does Eucalyptus Smell Last

Eucalyptus is a very good tree to have grown at home if you want a constant source of fragrant and aromatic cuttings. Not only can they live for a long time in a garden, but the cuttings also stay good for a long time too.

Once you have cut off a few stems then you can count on them to stay good for at least 2 weeks. If you change the water a few times and refill the vase then you will have them lasting up to 3 weeks.

The tree is a very hardy variety that can grow in harsh environments and still smell very lovely. The fantastic thing is that the eucalyptus smell will last throughout all those 3 weeks and won’t wilt a lot either. 

This makes eucalyptus one of our favorite trees to grow at home and take cuttings from and decorate the house for almost 9 months during the year.

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Eucalyptus Trees Growing Outdoors

Do All Eucalyptus Plants Smell

We can say that all eucalyptus plants will smell. But the amount they smell will vary, not really depending on the variety but more on how old the tree is and where in the season we are.

In the early season, the tree won’t smell a lot but when summer comes around and the temperatures start to rise then the smell also increases. This is the best time of the year to take cuttings and has some aromatic decoration indoors.

But at the end of the season, the tree will start to smell less as the leaves will fall off and it prepares for winter. Another factor for a eucalyptus tree not smelling could be the quality of the soil. Fertilizes it and you will have a healthier eucalyptus tree. 

As a final note, all eucalyptus trees or plants will smell as they contain a lot of natural oils that are responsible for this characteristic minty and wintergreen aroma.

Eucalyptus Flowering Outside