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Welcome to this post about how you can grow eucalyptus by taking cuttings from an already-existing tree in your garden. Eucalyptus has a bit of a mixed reputation and liking among people. Some feel it ruins the landscape but they really enjoy it for the wonderful fragrant smell it offers.

 In any case, it’s a pretty easy type of tree to propagate more off, probably one of the reasons it has gained such popularity in some places. In all honesty, though, growing eucalyptus from seeds has been shown to be the most efficient and foolproof way. But we are here to give you other alternatives, namely growing from cuttings.

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Eucalyotus Tree Leaves

How To Grow Eucalyptus From Cuttings

We mentioned at the beginning of this article that the easiest way to get more eucalyptus is to grow it from seed. This is an almost foolproof method as eucalyptus is incredibly easy to grow. But for those that maybe want to skip out on the first few months or even a year of growth that can be passed by with this method, it can be very intriguing.

The way that we would recommend doing this is by first choosing a very good-looking twig of eucalyptus that you can take. It should ideally be between 4 – 8 inches long for the best result. What we also recommend doing is taking away any of the smaller leaves that might be present further down on the cutting. This won’t bring any good for the cutting and will generally just be in the way.

After we have cut off the twig we need to prepare a container with water. You will not have to fill it further up than just an inch or two. Depending on how big of a twig you cut away. The reason for filling lower is that we want the focus of the root development to be at the bottom, where the exposed surface is located.

Let the twig be in the water for about 3 – 4 weeks or until it has developed a noticeable root system that looks ready for transplanting. Refill with water whenever you see that it needs and maintain that 1 – 2 inch level of water. For the best results doing this method, we recommend you keep the plant in an above-average room temperature environment. This will make the plant grow the fastest and most likely with a successful result.

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Eucalyptus Tree Flowering Outside

How To Grow Silver Dollar Eucalyptus From Cuttings

Growing cuttings from the silver dollar eucalyptus are very similar to what we described above here. It comes down to maintaining a great environment for the plant to grow in. We don’t want the temperature of the room to be below 80 degrees ideally. Fairly above the average room temperature. But this is the best we have found to have the cutting grow really quickly and efficiently.

After leaving the spring in a container filled about 1 – 2 inches high with water for 4 weeks it will be ready for transplanting. At this point, you should be able to see some clear signs that there are roots coming out. It will form almost like a ball around the lower part of it that has grown correctly.

Eucalyptus is a tree native to Australia so it’s no wonder the most ideal climate for it is a warm one. So after you have successfully propagated the cuttings in the water you need to not grow them outside when it’s cold. That will completely ruin all the progress we just made.

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Eucalyptus Tree Growing Outdoors

Can You Root Eucalyptus Cuttings In Water

Rooting eucalyptus cuttings in water is very possible and it’s one of the better ways of propagating new eucalyptus. Even though I have said that growing eucalyptus from seed can be very efficient, this method is definitely worth considering.

We simply measure about an inch of water in a container and then leave a sprig of eucalyptus in there. This will then hopefully start to develop a root system after a few weeks, usually around 4 weeks or so.

But having a successful rooting is all dependent on the environment. We want the temperature to be around 80 – 90 degrees of the optimal level. It should be kept this way for the entire period. Another good thing is to give it some light as well. Doing this during the summer might be a very good idea as it can be both outsides and keep the level temperature.

We want to leave you with another tip too, that is to use a small amount of fertilizer in the water. Note, a very tiny amount is only necessary as more will do harm to the roots developing

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Eucalyptus Tree Flowering Outside