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Welcome to this post about what type of soil the eucalyptus really likes. It can differ a little bit but almost always remains the same. The best soil we have found is one where the water can drain away quickly and won’t stay at the surface and not do any good. Instead, it should drain down to the roots and give nutrition.

Afterward we want it to drain down deeper and stay in a water storage that almost all places have deep underground. Having it stay with the roots will cause them to rot and then it will go quickly for the tree to die off.

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Eucalyptus Tree Flowering Outside

What Type Of Soil Do Eucalyptus Plants Like

The best soil to be growing eucalyptus in is one that has good drainage, just like we said at the beginning of this article here. It should never be pooling water as that will severely harm the root systems. It makes it drown and rot eventually. The best way of knowing if this happens is to look at the soil after it has rained a lot. Is it all staying at the surface as a muddy mess? Then most likely there is bad drainage.

If you notice this you can choose to keep your eucalyptus tree growing still but be aware that one day it might start wilting and you will see more leaves falling off. Then it’s a good idea to get rid of the tree completely, but that’s a task and topic we can talk about another time.

As for the contents of the soil, it doesn’t really matter in the case of eucalyptus. It can manage almost any of them just fine. Given that the tree is native to Australia where the soil might be very sandy and carry barely any nutrition, your garden at home might just be like heaven for the tree to grow in.

Eucalyptus Tree Flowering Outdoors

Best Soil For Eucalyptus

If you still want to maximize the potential for your eucalyptus tree then we recommend only getting special soil if you are growing it in a pot. This is because of the specialty that eucalyptus likes. It prefers soil with a lower pH level than most regular plants and trees like to grow in. So as to not harm the surrounding in your garden getting a separate pot to grow and cultivate the eucalyptus in might be a great idea.

Does Eucalyptus Like Sandy Soil

Given that we said the tree normally grows in Australia where the soil is also very nutrient deficient it should be fine. But if you are keeping it in sandy soil you will probably have to complement it with water every now and again. Otherwise, you will run the risk of not having it grow at the speed we want it to.

Let’s reiterate and talk a bit more about what we have been discussing. Eucalyptus is a tree that really likes well-draining soil that does pool water and causes the roots to rot. For the type of soil, it doesn’t have a huge impact. But for loamy soils like sand then you most likely will have to supplement with more water.

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Eucalyptus Tree Growing Outside