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Welcome to this post that will be talking about why a plant might start to turn red in color on the stem. The answer to this question is that the succulent plant is currently undergoing extreme conditions.

This could either be a lot of sun exposure, dried-up soil, or extreme temperatures to either end. But there are things you can do to mitigate these effects on the succulent plant and have it thrive once again. 

Follow along and we will together discover more about the lovely time that is caring and growing succulents.

Succulent Plant Turning Red

Why Is My Succulent Stem Turning Red

Just like we said at the beginning of the article, the reason for a succulent plant starting to turn red on the stem, but also on leaves and other parts of the plant is because of extreme conditions.

Some of these extreme conditions could be too much sun during the day, or soil that barely contains any water. If the temperature drops or soars then this will also affect the plant in the way of a color difference.

But there are measures that you can take to make this less painful for the plant. Let’s take the sun exposure first. Here we need to know the weather that will be a bit beforehand and then act accordingly

The succulent likes being in the sun, but if it gets close to 14 hours and some of those are during the middle of the day when it’s the strongest, the plant will have a hard time.

Move it to a cooler and shadier area and also check the soil. With those high temperatures and sun exposure the soil will start drying up a lot quicker. Even though the plant can manage about 1 month without watering, it can’t go on forever.

The plant will definitely do a lot better if you give it attention and move it around with the pot and water the soil accordingly. We always say that you should aim for the soil to be somewhat damp or wet

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Red Succulent Plant

How Do You Keep Succulents From Turning Red

We have outlined what makes the succulent plant turn red in the segment just above here. But we don’t need to wait until it happens to do something about it.

Instead, we can identify the issue beforehand and then we can make sure that nothing happens to the plant and it can continue growing the way it has.

If the sun is out a lot during the day then we can move the pot with the succulent to a place where there is more shade. That will help prevent the plant from getting sunburnt.

Another factor that makes the plant turn red is soil that is kept dry for too long. We want to make sure it stays damp and wet at all times to give the plant the necessary energy during the warm summer days.

So watering a bit every now and again will help prevent this from being an issue. Always look at the soil and feel it before watering as well. Too much water can cause the roots to rot.

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Succulent Plant Growing Red

Why Is My Plant Turning Red

Most plants will turn red when they are exposed to a lot of sun during the day, especially when they barely get any shade as well.

These are referred to as extreme conditions and have a fatal effect on the plant. The ground will start to dry up quickly and the water content will go down.

All plants need water to survive and therefore we need to help the plant by watering them every now and again to keep them alive.

Succulent Plant Growing Outside