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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how big a succulent can grow. Generally speaking, a succulent plant can grow about 6 inches tall and it will stay around that number for most of its lifetime actually.

But for the plant to reach this level and then also be a healthy plant we need to make sure of a few things. These include properly watering the plant and where you should keep it when having it outdoors.

Follow along and discover more about the wonderful houseplants that are succulents.

Succulent Plant Growing Indoors

How Big Do Succulent Plants Grow

Just like we said at the beginning of this article the succulent plant will grow about 6 inches tall and then it will stay there. There are a lot of different varieties of succulents out there and they all stay around this height when fully grown.

But to be able and have a succulent plant grow this tall and have a healthy path to this we need it to have a good environment. Watering the plant properly and also making sure it gets the necessary amounts of sun during the day will be vital.

As for watering the plant, we want to aim for the soil to be slightly damp and wet. Going any less than this won’t have a huge impact unless it goes as far as the soil starting to crack. It will definitely harm the plant.

But if you water too much then the plant will have a root system in a very bad place. They can start to rot and then the entire plant will turn black in the color. At this point, we need to act quickly.

Exposure to the sun is also a basic need to get right for the succulent plant. Most people will be growing a succulent plant indoors and then the plant will need about 8 – 10 hours of light. 

But growing it outside then the plant needs slightly less, around 6 – 8 hours will be enough. You will for sure know that the plant is not getting enough sun when the stem grows very tall. Then the plant is trying to reach for where the sun is shining from.

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Succulents Growing Indoors

How Big Do Potted Succulents Get

Potted succulents are the most common way to grow this plant. But for the actual height and the size of the plant, there’s nothing that limits it if it’s potted. It will all depend on the overall size of the pot you are growing in of course.

The plant will be around 6 inches as the tallest. Here it will stay unless it doesn’t get enough sun during the day. Then it will start to grow taller trying to reach the sun. The middle stem will extend and reverting this is very difficult.

On a healthy succulent plant then the size will be more spread out. It grows wide instead of taller. The succulent plant will of course flower every now and again in the season and then you might have the stem extend and grow taller.

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Red Succulent Plant

Do Succulents Keep Growing

We have already talked a bit about the way that a succulent plant will grow. They will not stop growing just because they are old. They won’t grow any taller than the limit of 6 inches that we have mentioned.

Instead, the plant will start to expand in the pot and cover it more and more. It grows a little bit wider every year and the root system will be stronger and stronger as well.

Succulent Plant Growing Outside