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Welcome to this article that will be talking about what a healthy succulent plant will look like. There are many signs you can look for, like the color of the plant, the way it’s growing, or just the shape of the plant too.

The color will often change when the plant doesn’t appreciate the environment it’s growing and is unhappy. It will grow a very tall stem once it can’t get enough sun, that’s a sign of an unhealthy succulent.

Follow along and we can together discover more about this wonderful plant that is succulent.

Purple Succulent Growing Outside

How To Tell If Your Succulent Plant Is Healthy

Just like we said at the beginning of this article a healthy plant of succulent will grow steadily and look the same basically all the time. This is often just achieved by properly caring for the plant. 

Luckily, with succulents, they will quickly show you if something is wrong with them and you need to act accordingly. The plant could turn red when the weather is too hot or the leaves are starting to become sunburnt.

Then you need to move the plant of course, but keeping it in too much shade then they will instead grow a very tall stem. This stem is trying to reach the sunlight and provide the plant with energy to continue growing.

Another factor that comes to mind with a healthy succulent plant is one that flowers. Then the plant flowers have gained enough energy from the season and feel ready to spend that on something.

We feel like we need to mention one of the things that are very severe when it comes to succulent health. That’s when the color of the plant turns black. At this point, the plant’s root system is starting to drown because of too much water.

We highly recommend that you place the plant in the sun so the excess water can be dried off from the plant. 

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Succulent Plant Growing Outside

How Do I Know If My Succulent Needs More Light

We have covered a little bit beforehand on how you can tell when a succulent plant is not getting enough sun during the day.

The plant will shoot out a tall stem with segments of leaf on it. This item is the spine of the plant and it’s trying to reach where the sun is. This is a clear sign that the plant is not getting enough light.

We follow the rule of thumb that plants indoors will require about 8 – 10 hours of light every day. Those that are instead growing outdoors will only really require about 6 – 8 hours. 

Knowing this we will perhaps need to move the plant to make sure it gets the necessary hours of light. The color of the plant might fade a little bit too if there is not sufficient light on it.

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Healthy Succulent Plant

What Does An Unhealthy Succulent Look Like

Succulents are some of the best houseplants to grow at home since they are easy to take care of and require little to now maintenance. But they will also quickly show you when something is wrong.

An unhealthy succulent plant will often change color and have its leaves start to wilt off. This can become a real issue if nothing is done about it.

But generally speaking, there are two things to manage with succulents. The first is making sure it gets enough sunlight and the second is watering. The soil can dry out a bit but never let this go on for too long as that will make the plant struggle too much.

Succulent Plant Growing Outside