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Welcome to this post that will talk about how you can perhaps save a broken-off succulent. But it will depend a lot on what has broken off from the plant. The stem is a lot harder to fix than the leaves on the plant.

Generally speaking, we need to rip the bandage off. This means that leaving a leaf dangling as it has almost broken off is not going to heal properly. Instead cutting it and letting the leaf callus and repair that way is the best.

Follow along and we will learn more about these fantastic houseplants that are succulents. Some of the most beautiful and low-maintenance plants you can have.

Succulent Plants Growing Outside

How To Save A Broken-Off Succulent

Just like we said in the segment above here, the chance that you can save a broken-off succulent will depend a lot on what has broken off from it. The stem is the spine of the plant as it is a vital part of it.

If that breaks then the risk for the entire plant’s survival gets lower and lower every day. But the leaves on the other hand are easier to fix as they are not a vital part of the plant. Unless there are a lot of them breaking off at the same time of course.

We said that the best way to do it is by ripping the bandage off. Any dangling part from a leaf will never recover and should instead just be cut off. This will leave the surface where it is exposed to air callus.

This is a process where the area will start to dry up and protect the plant from any disease and pests establishing themselves on the plant.

As for the stem, if more than 50 % of the plant has been broken off because of it then we need to say that the plant might not make it. Succulents are hardy houseplants to have at home but they can only manage so much.

Some of the things you can do after cutting off the broken part are to keep the plant in the sun and also keep the soil succulent well-watered. That means it should never dry out.

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Broken Succulent Indoors

Can You Fix A Broken Succulent Stem

A broken succulent stem is a pretty hard task to fix as the stem is one of the most important parts. It acts as the spine for the plant and maintains the stability of future growth.

When we see that more than 50 % of the plant has broken off then it will very likely not survive. It’s just too much of the plant that no longer supports it with collecting and dispersing energy throughout the plant.

But if there is less of the plant affected then you should cut off the affected part and let it callus. That’s when the surface will dry out and keep any disease and pest away from inflicting harm on the succulent.

Keeping the plant in the sun and also watering the soil often will help the succulent along the way of recovering again. 

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Broken Succulent Stem

Do Succulents Repair Themselves

Unfortunately the succulent will not repair the broken part that might still be slightly attached to the plant. Instead, you should remove that and wait for the plant to slowly regrow.

But what you can do with the broken part is to use it for propagation. This is best done by placing it in soil that has been slightly watered. Leave it in the sun for at least 6 – 8 hours outdoors during the day. 

If you’re lucky then this will make you able to have a second succulent plant growing at home.

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