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Welcome to this article about what might be growing out of your succulent plant. There can be a variety of different things actually. Some of these include sprouting flowers or new root systems.

In this article, we will be discussing some of these and what they mean for your plant. We will also include some of the things that you could be doing when it happens.

Succulent is a really fun and beautiful houseplant to have at home to grow. It fits in very well in a variety of different environments. The best thing is that it doesn’t lose its leaves and stays decorative during the whole year.

Succulent Plant Growing In The Sun

What Is Growing Out Of My Succulent

Just like we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are a variety of different things that could be growing out of your succulent plant. This includes new root systems showing above the soil or perhaps some new flowers growing and sprouting.

We will start with roots. When you see these growing above the ground they are called aerial roots. The reason for this happening is that the plant is not getting enough water.

As the plant gets its water from the root system and the surrounding air. If the soil is dry then the roots will seek water above the surface of the soil.

This means that you will really need to start watering your plant to get it back on track. The succulent variety is a houseplant that can manage periods without any watering but not for prolonged. Otherwise, they can die relatively quickly.

We recommend watering in small amounts to not overwhelm the plant. Do it until you feel that the soil has been watered through properly and it’s both wet and damp.

The other thing that could be growing out of your succulents is flowers. This usually happens in the summer when the plant is ready to start blooming and developing seeds that can spread to other places. This is just a good sign you are doing everything right.

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Succulent Plant Growing Outside

Why Is My Succulent Sprouting

A succulent can start to sprout new flowers when it feels ready to bloom. Just like we said in the paragraph above this is a very good sign as it’s ready to expand and spread to new places via the seeds it develops.

But it could also sprout in the way it grows taller with spaces in between the leaves. This means that it’s not getting enough sun during the day. Make sure that you move it to a good source of light to prevent any harm to the plant.

It’s a very visible problem that shows up by the plant bending and growing toward the sun if it’s in a window for example.

To maintain a very healthy and good-looking plant then it’s important that you cover the basic needs of the plant to prevent any other issues.

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Succulent Plants Growing Indoors

Why Are My Succulent Growing Babies

Also called pups, the succulent plant can start to morph into a weird and odd-looking plant that starts to cascade over the side of the pot. This can be a real issue as the plants are too clustered together and instead of growing naturally, they are competing against each other.

This is what we refer to as pups when the succulent is growing out new small growths that look like smaller versions of itself. 

When this happens a very good idea can be to remove the healthy part of the plant and put it in a bigger pot and have it grow by itself. This will limit the competition a lot and make sure it’s growing steadily and healthily.

Succuelnt Plant Growing Indoors