How Long Does Mint Take To Sprout

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How Long Does Mint Take To Sprout

Welcome to this post about how long mint will take to sprout. If you weren’t aware about the speed that mint grows at you might be in for a surprise. It is actually one of the fastest growing herbs we have. The first process once sowing the seed is called the germination process, this takes between 10 – 15 days only. At the end of this you should actually see some signs of life above the surface of the soil. Which is when it sprouts technically. So about two weeks is the mark. But follow along and we will talk about the stuff you need to do to keep this on track.

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How Long Does Mint Take To Sprout

We sort of already revealed the answer to this question on the time it takes for mint to sprout in the beginning of the article. About 2 weeks is the amount of time you will have to wait. So definitely not an eternity. Mint is one of the fastest growing culinary herbs you can have at home. But it is also one of the herbs that can expand and outcompete other ones growing nearby very quickly. This is why we recommend only growing mint in a pot for the entire duration of its lifespan. With time you won’t have any other stuff growing in your garden except for mint only.

We said there are a few things you need to be good at to have your mint grow fast and to promote future growth. There are basically three things that can really make or break your mint plant. These steps are also very important when you want to first sow your mint seeds and get sprouts. The first one is watering properly. Mint is a herb that really likes to have the soil be wet and damp at all times.

So we recommend that you always keep an eye on it. The only real way to know if it needs more water or not is to look and feel the soil. Good drainage is also important. That is when the water doesn’t stay in the soil and can instead disperse and go away.

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How Long Does It Take For Mint To Sprout Roots?

Generally speaking we say that the time for mint to sprout is between 10 – 15 days. Although very small roots will be present then. Instead at the 1 month mark you will be able to see clear root development. Keeping the soil well watered and in the sun will increase and secure these timelines.

Having a healthy soil is also very important when growing mint. We recommend that you fertilize the soil about 4 times a year to keep it healthy and our plants happy. If you want to grow your mint to eat it then you need to use an organic fertilizer. If you can get your hands on manure then that is really the ultimate fertilizer. But be aware that it might smell a bit.

The steps before the last one now are that which you need to have covered even before sowing the mint seeds. Otherwise you won’t get any sprouts. The last step is making sure it gets enough sunlight during the day. Growing any herb indoors, the rule of thumb is that it will need 10 hours of sunlight. Outdoors however about 6 – 8 hours will be plenty enough.

So to reiterate again on the question we had, how long can you expect until your mint will sprout. We usually say that the time is about 2 weeks, at the end of the germination process. This is when you will see the first signs of life above the soil.

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