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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why a monstera plant might not be growing very fast. The most common issue can be that it’s simply not getting enough water, sunlight, and nutrition. It can all really be summed up in that. 

To fix these things we need to have a much closer look at the way the plant is growing and if there are any changes that we could be making. The monstera plant is one of the harder and more resistant houseplants to have at home so you can normally expect it to bounce back just as strong as before.

Follow along in this article and we will be learning even more about how to grow this wonderful plant and what types of caretaker needs to be done for it. We want to really recommend this variety to a lot of beginners in the world of gardening, it is a fantastic one to start your journey with.

Monstera Plant Growing

How To Make Monstera Grow Faster

Just like we sort of mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the monstera plant’s growth will be determined by a few things that affect the overall health of the plant. The most common one is that the plant needs to be watered enough. 

When the soil is not well watered the roots will have a much harder time getting the right amount of nutrition to sustain themselves and the entire plant. The monstera plant is one that enjoys growing in pretty damp soil for the most part. So we need to check the texture of the soil in order to really know if we need to add more water or not.

The second reason will also have to do with the soil and the roots. That would be nutrition. Watering brings nutrition but not all of them. Healthy soil is necessary to aid the plant’s continued growth. So using fertilizers every now and again is really to be recommended. It can greatly increase the speed of the plant. But try and restrict it to only about once every three or four months or so, that will avoid overdoing it.

The last reason why a monster plant might not be growing very fast is that the amount of sunlight it’s getting is not enough. The plant should really be getting around 8 – 10 hours of sun each day if it’s kept indoors. But if you have it outside these numbers might go down.

As you can guess it might be hard for the plant to get enough during the fall and winter, but that’s perfectly normal as then the plant can rest a little bit more and get ready for a busy summer full of growth.

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Monstera Plant Growing Indoors

Why Is My Monstera Growing So Slowly

Like we have laid out before here, the monstera plant is really dependent on a few things in order to grow fully. It’s really no different from any other plant for that matter. It will need to be watered plenty and in an environment where there is plenty of sun and nutrition in the soil.

Keeping the soil somewhat damp is what we find to be the best environment for it to grow in. But using some fertilizer in the soil is also a great thing to do. It will help the roots have an easier time getting the necessary amount of nutrition to pass on to the rest of the plant. 

Lastly would be the sun the plant is receiving. It needs to be above 8 hours at least. The plant just like any other is performing photosynthesis and needs sunlight to complete this process.

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Monstera Plant In The Sunny Weather

How Do I Make My Monstera Grow Bushy

Getting a monstera plant to grow bushy is best done if the plant gets a lot of sunlight. That makes the plant less likely to grow long with a thin stem in order to get enough sun.

But a nutrient-rich soil will also help encourage a bushier look for the plant. We must stress that pruning the plant like you would with basil or thyme is not recommended. The monstera plant does not grow the same way.

Monstera Plant Leaves Growing Outside