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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a monstera plant might start to have white spots appearing all over it for some reason. It might feel like a complete mystery but in fact, there are a number of different theories on why it might happen.

We are here to share what we know to hopefully help you be able to identify what is wrong and what can be done about it. The reasons however can include everything from being underwater to getting too much sun or mold starting to infest the leaves and stem of the plant. All these are serious issues and need to be dealt with pretty quickly.

Follow along in this article and we will lay out the reasons and what’s causing these white spots on a monstera. We will also be including the solutions for why this might be happening. Thankfully the monstera plant is rather hardy and can withstand these things.

Monstera Growing In The Sun

Monstera With White Spots

A monstera plant that is starting to have white spots appearing is most likely not in the best condition. The plant is currently either underwater or getting too much sunlight each day. But the reasons can also include that there is mold starting to appear and grow on the leaves.

These are all serious issues and we will talk about them one by one to get an idea of why they might be occurring. The first is under watering. This is something that is mostly affecting the roots of the plant. They aren’t able to get the necessary amount of energy each day and that will cause stress.

That stress is more or less what is causing the leaves to turn in color. They can change to various shades but the point is that they aren’t close to being the same as they once were before. Simply watering the soil is the best solution to this problem.

If the plant is getting too much sun each day that can also cause a change in color and it might even be the most noticeable one. As the entire plant will start to feel more and more tired which is what causes it to change color to a more white shade.

Lastly would be that it’s starting to have mold appears on the leaves. This is a very serious issue and is often caused by the plant having a rough growing environment. This makes it easier for molds to start growing on the plant. The best solution to fix this would be to use a vinegar solution and apply it to the affected areas to kill off the mold.

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Monstera Plant Growing Indoors

What Does Fungus Look Like On Monstera

The fungus growing on a monstera will most likely have a very white appearance. This is caused by the variety of mold growing on the plant in that case. Mold or fungus, it’s more or less the same thing here. 

The variety is called powdery mildew and is a very common thing to have to grow on plants. The reason it might be so common is that plants that are in very rough and hard-to-grow environments will be more susceptible to these things.

Same as us, the plants will have a sort of immune system that will hopefully help them enough through certain hardships. But given that they might be getting too much water or too little sun, that is already at a disadvantage.

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Monstera Plant Growing Inside

Why Does My Monstera Have White Spots

Like we have laid out in the article here already, the most common reasons for a monstera plant having white spots are that it’s getting too much sun or getting too little water. 

This causes a lot of stress on the plant and in turn, makes the shade of the leaves change. This is a clear indicator that something needs to be done with the plant to not have it disappear as it gets worse.

Monstera Plant Leaves Outdoors