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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why a monstera plant might start to have brown leaves appearing as it is growing bigger and larger. The most common reason for this is actually the plant has been suffering and experiencing a pretty severe watering imbalance.

This can be a somewhat common issue as people are seeing their plants starting to look tired and then overflowing the soil almost with water in an attempt to try and rebalance it. But this drastic shift in moisture in the soil is what’s causing the color difference we are seeing here.

Follow along in this article and we will learn even more about what it’s like to grow this amazing and interesting plant at home. We find it to be a great option for a lot of beginners to have at home. 

Monstera Plant Growing Indoors

Monstera New Leaf Brown

At the beginning of this article here we already mentioned a few reasons why a monster plant might start to appear very brown on the new leaves it’s growing. The reasons can vary but what we find really affects the plant is an imbalance in the amount of water there is in the soil.

The roots of any plant are really the most important part, they decide how much nutrition is passed on to the rest of the plant to continue to grow and flourish where it is. But when the soil is not very rich in nutrition, often coming from water then it stresses the roots.

This stress is what’s causing the plant to look tired. Most people will then try and fix this by watering the soil pretty heavily in order to try and save the plant. What this instead does is just cause more stress to the roots as the environment has drastically changed.

Instead of tirelessly searching for water they are now drowning in it. So the best fix as you might guess is to take it easy and only apply a little bit at a time in order to rebalance the way the plant is growing. This will harm the roots in the smallest amount.

You might ask then what the ideal watering of the monstera plant might be. We have found that soil that is kept in a damp state is what it enjoys the most. This encourages growth.

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Large Monstera Leaves Growing

Should I Cut Off Browning Monstera Leaves

Cutting off leaves from a monstera plant is really not recommended, even if they are starting to turn brown in color. It will cause a lot of stress to the plant which instead just makes more parts of the plant turn brown instead.

We, therefore, recommend that you sit and eat a little bit to see the development of the leaf and whether you are seeing any browning on other parts of the plant. That would indicate something is very wrong and needs to be done.

But every now and again a leaf might simply have grown enough and will start to wilt. If the overall health of the plant seems great then cutting off that particular leaf might be a good idea actually. 

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Monstera Leaves In The Sunny Weather

Will Brown Monstera Leaves Recover

The leaves of a monstera plant that has turned brown in color can definitely recover. If you are keeping the plant in a very healthy place all the time then the brown parts can recover.

There might be some scarring but more or less it will turn back into what it once was. But this means the plant is getting a sufficient amount of sunlight, water, and nutrition all the time.

Monstera Plant Growing Inside