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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why a monstera plant might start to need bamboo support and what the benefits of this could be. It is not the most common thing to have with a monstera plant as the plant never really outgrows and is in need of support.

Nonetheless in some cases where the access to sunlight might have been limited then we need some support. A limited amount of sunlight will often cause the plant to grow in a long and thin way, which if you are unlucky will start to fold over on itself.

Follow along in this article and we will reveal even more information about how you best can use bamboo for support on the monstera plant. These techniques might be a little bit more advanced but are definitely a fun read even if you are just a beginner in this space.

Monstera Plant

Monstera Bamboo Support

As we have already talked about at the beginning of the article here, the monstera plant will be greatly affected if the access to sunlight it’s getting is very limited. This means the plant really needs to search for more light.

As a result of this, the way the plant is growing will be very thin and long. If you are unlucky the weight after new leaves appear might cause the plant to fall over on itself and break the stem. 

So to help combat this and have a healthy way of growing then using bamboo as support can be a great idea. The bamboo we are talking about will be small sticks more or less meant to stand in the soil.

We recommend that you put the bamboo sticks all around the plant in the pot. You should try and get about 6 – 8 of them in there at least. then you then use some string and bind between all the sticks. This will hopefully make you able to have the leaves support and lay over the string. It will make your plant a lot easier and be able to grow out of the main stem to regain some form of balance.

How long you will need to have it like this will really depend on the health of your plant. If you are keeping it in a very sunny window and making sure the soil for the roots is fertilized about every 3 months should make this process a lot easier.

When the plant feels stable, which we would guess will be about 6 months later at the very most, is when you can remove the bamboo support and have the monstera back in its natural way.

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Monstera Leaves Growing In The Sun

How Often Repot Monstera Indoors

We haven’t covered any of this topic really yet on this site but repotting a monstera plant is a great way of introducing it to a new and healthy plant to grow in. But it is something that definitely can be overdone and cause unnecessary stress to the plant.

In most cases, we find that repotting it about every 12 months is more than enough. That way the plant has time to establish the roots a lot before being moved again. The best part is that we don’t really have to fertilize the soil a lot since we are introducing it to a fresh start basically after we report the plant.

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Monstera Plant Inside

Growing Monstera In Water

Growing a monstera plant in water is only really possible for a couple of weeks. If you are looking to take cuttings to expand your monstera garden then you might have to think twice. The best method might be to just grow it from seed instead.

But keeping a cutting with a node on it for a couple of weeks might make it start to develop a root system. When the time is up it needs to be transplanted into a pot with fresh new soil.

Monstera Plant Growing Indoors