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Welcome to this post that will be discussing the tolerance a monstera plant will have with a cold. It might be more than you thought even though the plant is one that definitely will thrive more in a warm climate and consistent temperature.

It can in fact manage temperatures as low as 50 degrees. But to hopefully not cause a lot of long-term damage to it we need the temperature to go down to this very slowly. It is otherwise very susceptible to when the temperatures shift back and forth between warm and hot.

Follow along in this article and we will hopefully learn even more about growing and caring for a monstera plant. As we have said in many other articles about the monstera, it is one of the best beginner plants to start out with if you are new to the whole space of gardening. It’s a hardy variety and a beautiful one too.

Monstera Leaves In The Garden

Monstera Cold Tolerance

Like we sort of mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the plant is able to manage temperatures as low as 50 degrees. But note that it should never be kept like this for a prolonged amount of time. Instead, we recommend that you try and keep it in a warmer climate to encourage a lot of growth.

If the temperature is kept in a cold climate for too long then the growth will stagnate and you might start seeing it wilting instead of growing. What is really going on when the temperature is lower is that the soil is too low and the roots are stressing.

This then passes on to the rest of the plant and could make the leaves change in color and the stem might even turn black. When that happens then the plant is slowly starting to decompose back into the soil.

The ideal temperature for a monstera plant will be regular room temperature. That makes for the best environment and the most consistent one as well. As we said before, the plant can take on 50 degrees low temperature but the way down there needs to be slow. Otherwise, the plant will be extremely stressed out.

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Monstera Plant Growing Inside

How Cold Is Too Cold For Monstera

If you read the paragraph or segment just above where you would have gotten that the monstera plant can manage temperatures as low as 50 degrees. But when that number goes below there then it will have a detrimental effect on the health of the plant and its growth as well. 

Because of that, we need it to be stored at room temperature instead to promote the health of the plant and its continued growth of it as well. Note that at those 50-degree levels, nothing is really happening to the plant. There will be extremely little growth and the leaves will probably with time start to change in color as well.

But the temperatures can also go the other way and be too warm for the plant. But if you are keeping it indoors then the likelihood of that is very slim. Just making sure the soil is not too warm will help protect it from starting to decompose.

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Monstera Plant Growing Indoors

Can Monsteras Be Outside In Cold Weather

The monstera plant can be kept outside in colder weather but make sure it’s not then super warm the day after. The plant will react very negatively if the temperatures are too much up and down. 

It will cause the plant to change in color and then the roots will also be stressed which might even kill them off if you are unlucky. So a steady and balance temperature is very important if you want a health plan for the long term.

Monstera Plant Growing In The Sun