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Welcome to this article that will be discussing what is happening when a monster plant is unfurling its leaf. It can seem like a very slow process, but between 1 and 7 weeks are expected and normal for the plant to take and start to unfurl.

The leaf is in a healthy state and ready to increase the surface area for sunlight to shine on. This will be beneficial for the plant as more photosynthesis will be happening in the plant which then creates more and more energy.

Follow along in this article and we will be discussing more about the monster leaf unfurling and some of the things we recommend you do to make sure it’s a smooth transition. For us, this variety of houseplants is one of the best to start out with if you are interested in the world of gardening.

Monstera Plants Growing In Pots

Monstera Leaf Unfurling

As we have already talked about a little bit in this article already, the monstera plant will grow new leaves every now and again. These leaves won’t like most other plants grow the way the finalized look will be.

Instead, the leaves are in need of unfurling eventually. So with a little bit of patience, the plant will eventually have the leaves unfurling and create more surface area for the sun to shine on.

As you might be aware, the part that creates energy for the plant is not only the nutrition the roots are gathering. But it’s also something called photosynthesis. A process takes place in the leaves of the plant. So more and more leaves growing will create more photosynthesis taking place.

We mentioned the importance of making sure the plant is in a very healthy place to help it in the transition when unfurling. This means keeping it in a sunny spot and having soil that is kept rather damp. That makes it the best possible environment for it to grow.

If you are wondering about the time it will take for the plant to have the leaves unfurl then it will usually be between 1 and 7 weeks. Any more than that and it might just be slow growth on the plant’s part.

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Monsteras Growing Indoors

Monstera Wet Leaves

If the leaves of a monstera plant are starting to get too wet from either missing or watering then it can have a really bad effect on the growth of the plant. Too much water creates a very good environment where mold is able to grow and also flourish.

We have talked before about misting a monstera plant and the benefits of it are really great as it replenishes the leaves and makes them vibrant again. But too much will cause them to turn black instead as mold is growing on them.

After some time then the plant will turn back into soil if this type of environment is kept up. If you see this happening one of the best cures will be to keep it in a sunny spot to hopefully dry out the leaves a little bit more and save it.

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Monstera Plants Growing In The Sun

Monstera Brown Edges

If the edges of your monstera plant leaves are starting to turn brown then the plant is most likely getting too much sunlight each day. This will cause a color change in the plant. Brown is one of them.

But the plant might also be getting too little water which causes plenty of stress on the growth of the plant. This should be avoided and following the methods of caring for a monstera plant we have provided will ensure a healthy plant.

Monstera Plant Growing In A Pot