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Welcome to this article that will be discussing what you can do when the stem of a monstera plant might have broken. Thankfully this very popular houseplant is very hardy and the chance of it recovering is very high.

The monstera plant will often actually have this happen when the main stem is growing too tall and too fast which causes a great imbalance for it. So ensuring the plant is in a healthy state during this time of recovery will be very important.

Follow along in the article below and we will be providing you with some great methods that you can apply to make your monstera plant healthy again. We want to recommend this planet again to any beginner out there that is looking to get into gardening and caring for plants.

Monstera Growing Indoors

Broken Monstera Stem

The monstera plant will often not have a broken stem as the growth of the plant is often very balanced. The stem will mostly not outgrow the rest and cause an imbalance. Most people will keep the plant in a sunny window which will help it avoid getting too little sun each day. 

With time if that would be the opposite the stem will grow taller in an attempt to reach the source of light. When time passes the stem might snap and then you are left with an open wound on the plant which needs to be fixed.

But the stem might have broken for other reasons as well. The plant might simply have been dropped for a child might have found it to be a fun toy. When keeping a monstera plant outside there is also a great risk of having the stem snap as birds might be flying on it or insects are eating away at it.

Nonetheless, the recovery of the stem is the most important. We need to make sure the environment is really healthy. Meaning that access to sunlight is not an issue and the soil is kept very nutritious. That means we need to fertilize it every now and again. 

We follow a schedule of fertilizing every three or four months. You can use the ones found and the store but if you want something that really packs a punch then using manure will be the way to go. 

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Monstera Growing In The Sun

Monstera Bruised Stem

The stem of a monstera plant might be bruised as insects are eating away at it. Because of that the plant needs to quickly be kept in a healthier state that will promote its recovery of the plant.

Identifying why the stem might be bruised is very important. This will help us a lot in ensuring the plant can grow in a normal and healthy way. If the monstera plant is able to get about 8 hours of sunlight each day combined with well-watered soil then you are setting it up for the best possible growth.

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Monstera Growing In A Pot

Monstera Stem Without Leaf

When a monstera plant is growing a stem without any leaves then you need to do something about it. The plant is not in a healthy state. We have found after many years of growing this plant that is caused by there being too little sunlight reaching it.

The stem will continue to grow and eventually hopefully reach a spot where enough sunlight reaches it and it can start growing leaves again.

Large Monstera Plant Indoors