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Welcome to this article that will be discussing whether or not it might be a good idea to cut off some of the air roots on a monstera plant that might be appearing. This type of root will appear when it can’t find nutrition in the soil and will instead grow upwards.

It’s a rather common phenomenon in a lot of plants and is something that needs to be taken very seriously. It can otherwise have a rather bad effect on the overall health of the plant and the future of its growth could definitely be in danger.

Follow along in this article and we will be discussing even more in-depth about this fascinating topic. The monstera plant is, despite some of the issues that come along, a great option if you are a beginner growing plants at home. It will be a great way into growing and garden at home.

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Can I Cut Off Air Roots Monstera

The aerial roots that will begin with time to grow from the stem of your monstera plant should never be touched. They are something that will begin to come forth when the plant gets older.

They are there to support the plant and if they are cut away then the health of the plant will deteriorate and the chance that the plant can continue to grow significantly decreases.

The root system is basically the backbone of the entire plant and needs to be well taken care of. Otherwise, we risk growing it at home. Even though we are really stressing this topic and what it would mean if you are cutting them away, the monstera plant is a relatively safe option for beginners.

It most likely could survive some pruning of roots as the overall sturdiness of the plant is so high. But keeping the plant happy and thriving will always be the number one priority for us in any scenario. 

Ensure that if you have cut some roots the soil is damp and slightly fertilized as well. This will hopefully help boost the speed of recovery the plant is trying to undertake.

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Can You Cut Off Air Roots

The air roots of any plant should never really be cut off. It can severely damage the health of the plant. The roots are the backbone of the entire plant and need to be there to gather nutrition. Cutting them off will create plenty of unnecessary stress on the plant.

Given these reasons, we recommend that you avoid any pruning of roots and instead make sure the plant has a great place to grow in. This means a sufficient amount of sunlight each day and a texture on the soil that panders to the growth of the plant.

Some plants want drier soil and some instead will want to have soil that is damper to promote growth. Reading up on what you are growing is the best way to learn what these factors really are.

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What Happens If You Cut Aerial Roots Off Monstera

If you were to cut the aerial roots off your monstera plant then it will cause a lot of stress. The roots are there to help support the plant as they only ever appear when the plant is both older and larger.

Without this happening the plant might not be able to support itself from the weight of the leaves.

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