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Welcome to this article that will be discussing the conditions that a monstera plant might be able to grow in. But what happens if you keep a monstera plant outside and there is frost? Well, to keep it short the plant will most likely turn black as it gets frostbite.

The plant is however able to grow in some pretty harsh conditions and still survive just fine. If the temperatures reach as low as 50 degrees then the monster can still survive somewhat. The growth will stagnate and it will instead try to maintain as much energy as possible in the hope of warmer temperatures.

In this article, we will dive even deeper into the topic of the monstera plant and the effects of temperatures can have on it. Even though it’s very susceptible to changes in environments we find it to be a great option if you are looking for a houseplant to get yourself.

Monstera Plant Growing Inside

Monstera Frost

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the monstera plant is actually able to survive in some pretty harsh and cold environments, but the secret to having it like that is balance.

The plant can go from cold to hot and back and forth for a long time. It will severely damage the leaves and the stem. There is plenty of stress for the plant developing because of that which in turn makes for a rather unstable growth path.

If you want to experiment and get the plant down to those levels then we need to go slow and steady. The plant needs to adjust to the lower temperatures a little bit at a time in order to survive. Because of this, we need to be careful at the end of summer if we keep monstera outdoors. The shift between night and day in temperature can be pretty drastic.

What happens then when there is frost outside and a monstera plant is there as well? Well, the leaves will of course freeze along with the rest of the plant. But if we are lucky then the soil might have not frozen. That would otherwise be the final blow for the plant.

If the roots are frozen then the plant will not be able to survive and regrow the parts that are above the soil. As we say time and time again here, the root system is the backbone of the plant. So keeping the soil happy is keeping the plant happy.

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Monstera Plant Growing In A Pot

Monstera Frostbite

A monstera plant that has suffered from frostbite will be severely damaged as the leaves are no longer viable. The stem might still be intact but the chance is very very low, unfortunately.

We find that the entire process of keeping and maintaining a happy monster plant comes down to temperature control somewhat. This means that there is no great imbalance in the environment in which the plant is growing.

Hopefully, this creates a steadier path for the growth of the plant and no unnecessary damage will be indicated on it. You might ask what the ideal temperature might be then. Well for the monstera plant, room temperature will be more than fine.

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Monstera Plant Leaves In The Sun

Monstera Remove Dead Leaves

Removing dead leaves from a monstera plant is actually pretty important as it will otherwise take up space that could be used for growing new leaves

The dead leaves are still attached to the plant and will eventually fall off of course but taking the step of getting rid of them will hopefully push the new growth forwards.

Monstera Leaves In The Sun