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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why a monstera plant might be developing some brown spots on the leaves. They mostly appear when the plant has too much sun exposure. Something that can pretty severely harm the growth of the plant and cause it to get these brown spots.

There are many ways of fixing this issue but you should not expect that the leaves will return to their normal green shelves, at least around where the brown spots are. Another reason for these brown spots is that there is too much water in the soil which causes the roots to get very stressed.

Follow along in this article if you are interested in learning even more about growing and caring for this wonderful variety of houseplants. It is a great option if you are looking for some decoration in the house at home.

Large Monstera Growing Inside

Monstera Getting Brown Spots

Just like we have already been mentioning in this article here, there are plenty of reasons why a monstera plant might be developing some brown spots on itself. But the ones we are going to be talking about will be too much sun exposure and soil that has been pretty severely overrated.

The first one about sunlight is a rather common occurrence. We can sort of say that the plant is getting burnt when there are brown spots appearing. The plant will normally be fine in an environment where it can get about 8 hours of light each day. This is the number we strive for, be it both indoors and outdoors.

When there is too much sunlight it causes the leaves to stress unnecessarily and in turn makes it a less priority to perform photosynthesis, a vital process of creating energy for the plant.

The next reason we mentioned was about there was too much water in the soil. This might be the most common reason in all honesty. It is something that can happen if you are a beginner and still learning about the needs of the plant.

Perhaps you are wondering then what the ideal condition of the soil might be to keep the monstera plant in there. Well, we will always recommend that you try and keep it in somewhat damp soil. This will provide the roots with the best possible condition to grow in.

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Monstera Leaves In The Sun

Why Is My Monstera Getting Brown Spots

If you read the paragraph just above here then you would have gotten the fact that there are basically two things that make a monstera plant have brown spots appearing.

The first one is about there being too much sunlight hitting the leaves. This causes them to burn and sometimes swirl up. High temperatures in combination with a lot of sunlight make the leaves more tired and more likely as well to get burnt like this.

The second and most common reason was that there is too much water in the soil causing the roots to drown and not gather any energy from the soil to pass on to the rest of the plant.

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Large Monstera Leaves In The Sun

Should I Cut Off Monstera Leaves With Brown Spots

The leaves on a monstera plant that are starting to develop brown spots can be cut off to give space to new ones growing there. But you can also hold off on doing that as we have experienced the plant being able to recover these brown spots.

This all depends a lot on the damage that has been caused to the plant already. If it’s too much then you might be better off cutting them straight off.

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