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Welcome to this new article by us that will be talking about what you could be doing when you see some black spots starting to appear on your monstera plant. This can actually be a rather severe problem if nothing is done about it. 

The plant is basically being turned back into the soil and this is the first part of it. The black spots are more or less mold that will start to decompose the plant. Because of this, we need to know exactly what to do about this issue so we can hopefully manage to save our planet from dying.

Follow along in the article and learn about some of the best methods we have found out about throughout the years to take care of a monstera plant. One of the most beautiful decorative house plants there are, but also a great option for beginners to start out with.

Monstera Plant Growing In The Sun

Black Spots On Monstera Stem

As the first segment in the article already went over, there is basically mold growing on the plant in the shape of these black spots. The result is a plant that is starting to decompose and turn back into the soil.

Because of this we really need to act quickly to hopefully save the plant. But first, let’s talk about what is actually causing these issues to occur on the plant. The most prominent one is that there is far too much water in the soil. 

When there is too much water the root system will have a very hard time managing and getting the necessary amount of energy they need to survive. They are more or less drowning. When more water is present in the soil there is also less oxygen being able to reach the root system.

The best remedy for this happening is placing the plant in the sunniest part you have access to. This will hopefully be able to save it from drowning as the soil can dry out quicker. It’s a lot more difficult fixing this issue than fixing soil that has too little water in it.

When this goes on for too long we might need to think about cutting off the affected parts. Compared to having brown spots, these darker ones are not going to recover. The damage is permanent.

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Monstera Leaves In The Sunlight

Why Does My Monstera Have Black Spots On Stem

The stem of a monstera plant is the place where black spots will start to appear first. This is caused by there being too much water in the soil. It is a severe issue and something that needs to be dealt with.

The cause can be summarized in that less and less oxygen is able to reach the roots which then makes them struggle with gathering nutrition and passing that onto the rest of the plant.

The best solution to this happening is placing the entire plant in a very sunny spot where the soil can hopefully start to dry out a lot quicker, making for a hopefully painless recovery.

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Small Monstera Growing Inside

Brown Spots Monstera

When brown spots are appearing on your monstera plant then it is most likely caused by too much exposure to sunlight. It is a relatively common issue actually, especially during the summer.

As there is an elevated temperature and the plant might be stored in a sunny window then the plant can easily be forgotten and end up getting these brown spots. Make sure you move the plant to a shadier area if this happens.

Monstera Plant Growing In The Shade