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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a monstera plant might start to have smaller leaves. The issue can normally be traced back to the plant not getting enough water, or sunlight or just being over-fertilized. The issues can actually be many but we will try and narrow them down to the most common ones.

Not enough water makes the plant not able to generate enough energy which in turn doesn’t leave any fuel for the plant to start growing larger leaves. These are things that make for a stressed-out plant. But over-fertilization will also show some pretty severe impacts. One of them being smaller leaves.

Come along and we will learn more about the best practices for keeping and maintaining the health of your monster plant. Despite these problems, we laid out a very hardy houseplant and a great option if you are a beginner.

Monstera Leaves In The Sun

Why Are Monstera Leaves Small

The leaves of a monster plant getting smaller can be caused by various reasons, just like we laid out in the article above. The plant is basically susceptible to several things that aid the growth, but when they aren’t being applied in a balanced manner then the plant will suffer.

One of the most common issues for smaller leaves will be that the plant is not getting enough water. We have found that it makes the root system extremely stressed which in turn makes the plant a lot harder to grow larger.

The balanced amount of water the plant is getting is more or less in correlation with the growth of the plant. Too little causes stress and stagnation and too much causes stress and stagnation as well.

The second reason we mentioned was about there not being enough nutrients in the soil. This is not referring to the water in the soil and instead the beneficial nutrients in there. The best solution for this is to fertilize the soil. If you have access to manure then that would be the ideal one to use. But note that the stinkiness of that one is pretty high.

The last reason we will go over is an imbalance in temperature. A very common issue that happens when the plant experiences a variety of temperatures if the weather isn’t steady. This mostly happens if it’s kept outside, which is why we recommend keeping it indoors instead.

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Small Monstera Growing Inside

How Do You Make Monstera Leaves Bigger

The leaves of a monstera plant will begin to get bigger if the plant has access to a great environment to grow in. That means we have ticked all the boxes of caring for the plant, and we also continue to do so.

The access to the sun should be plenty and aiming for about 8 hours each day is the recommended amount. But the soil is also being kept in a very damp state that benefits the root system of the plant.

Using some fertilizers about every other 3 months or so has also proven to be a great way in making the planet happier and able to grow at a quicker pace. Resulting in larger leaves and a more vibrant color to it.

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Large Monstera Growing Indoors

Why Are My Plant Leaves Getting Smaller

The leaves of the plant will not be growing smaller but they might start to look tired which gives off the illusion of the leaves getting smaller. To make sure that the plant is staying healthy we need to tick the boxes of caring for it.

A sufficient amount of sunlight in combination with soil that has been fertilized and also being watered every now and again is the best solution to this issue.

Monstera Plant Growing Inside