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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why a monstera plant’s leaves are not starting to split. The reason can simply be put as the plant is not getting enough of the right light. The sunlight is the best source for it, but if you keep it indoors in a room where it’s only getting UV light then the plant will suffer.

So ensuring the plant is getting the right light and also a sufficient amount of light is what will really make or break the growth you will see with the plant in the long run. But the secret as well is to make sure the leaves are splitting and looking like they should be.

If you continue to read this article we will further talk about caring for and looking after your monstera plant at home. It is one of the best ones to get started with if you are taking an interest in gardening.

Monstera Growing In A Small Pot

Why Are Monstera Leaves Not Splitting

We revealed the answers at the beginning of the article already, but why a monster plant is not splitting comes down to it not getting the right amount of light and especially the right variety of light.

Sunlight is natural and only light plants should be getting it. If there is an environment where it’s kept in a very dark room and the only light source comes from UV light then we need to change that. 

Instead, try and keep it in a sunny window. We often reserve a south-facing window for this as that’s where there is most light, and also the most reliable source of light. You might be wondering what the right amount of sun hours the plant should be getting is. We will always recommend 8 hours.

This number can however vary depending on where you keep it. Outdoors it goes down a bit as the exposure is a lot stronger. Indoors it can go up slightly as the exposure is dulled.

Getting the lighting right is the secret to a monster plant that has leaves that are splitting.

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Large Monstera Growing Indoors

How Do I Get My Monstera To Split

If you read the segment we had above here then you have gotten that the best solution to getting a monstera plant to have leaves that are splitting is to have the right light getting to the plant. That means we can’t have UV light or any indoor light source be the only one.

Instead, we want there to be only sunlight reaching. That will promote the plant to perform photosynthesis which generates plenty of energy and in turn makes the leaves of the plant start to split.

The monstera plant can be very susceptible to certain aspects when growing and not getting enough of the right light is definitely one of the more serious problems. Even though the plant is beautiful without split leaves, that’s not what its natural look of it is.

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Monstera Growing In The Sunny Weather

How Long Does It Take To For Monstera Leaves To Split

If you wanted your monstera plant to have the leaves split really quickly then you are unfortunately in for some hard truth. There is a waiting time of about 2 – 3 years before the plant will have leaves that are splitting. 

So make sure you are during this time ticking the boxes for caring about the plant. Get the right amount of light and have the soil be somewhat damp all the time. This will with some patience rewards you and the leaves will start to split.

Monstera Plant Growing In A Pot