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Welcome to this article that will be discussing how you could bring a monstera plant back to life. The best way is simply to make sure it’s living and growing in the best conditions possible. That is often the most natural habitat for it as well. 

This means that the plant needs to have a good supply of sunlight for it. We strive to get around 8 hours for this. But the plant will also be needing the right amount of water in the soil on top of needing to have healthy soil. Never let the soil dry out and use some fertilizers about every 3 months. This will greatly benefit the plant’s health in the long term.

Come along and we will reveal even more useful methods for caring for and reviving a dying monstera plant. It is, despite some issues of caring for it, one of the best houseplants you could have at home, especially if you are a beginner wanting to get into gardening.

Large Monstera Growing Inside

How To Bring Monstera Back To Life

If you read the first part of this article here then you have read about the best way to bring a monstera plant back to life if its wilting is to try and emulate its natural habitat as much as possible.

In the case of this variety then that really means that it should be growing in a place where the sun can reach it for at least about 8 hours during the day. This will ensure the continued growth of the plant and makes it a lot easier for it to not grow a long stem that might create an imbalance.

The plant is also in need of the right type of soil. It should never be left to dry out completely as that will cause the roots to stress. With time they might also dry out themselves as well which causes the plant to have a really hard time searching for any type of nutrition.

What should the soil then be like to have it in the ideal condition? Well for the monstera plant that means well-draining soil that is kept damp all the time. This creates an environment where the roots can really thrive and keep expanding

To have soil that is well draining we need it to not be too compact and the pot in which the plant is growing should also have a small hole in the bottom to help the excess water drain away.

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Monstera Plants Growing In The Sun

Why Is My Monstera Plant Dying

Your monstera plant could be dying because of a variety of different reasons. But you should be aware that the monstera plant really doesn’t have a cause that is different from any other plant.

It could be because the soil has been left to dry out too much which causes it to stress the roots and they start to die off. But if you overwater a plant too much instead then the roots might start to drown. 

These issues are common and often occur when the person caring for the plant might not have a lot of experience with it. But with time you will become more and more confident in the care that is needed for each plant.

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How Do I Make My Monstera Grow Back

Making your monstera plant grow back can be difficult as the plant is in need of a few things to make this happen. The first is ensuring the plant has a good enough environment to grow in. 

The access to sunlight should be plentiful and reaching 8 hours of it should not be difficult. The soil needs to be rather damp to ensure that the plant can keep gathering vital energy to keep growing.

Large Monstera Plant Growing Inside