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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why your monstera plant might start to have yellow bugs appearing on it. The most common small bug that fits this description is called thrips. 

The good thing is that it is relatively easy to start getting rid of these once they have appeared. We find that using some of the organic pesticides that are in the garden store works fine. It might not seem like the best option, as a lot of people want to avoid using these things on their plants. But since the plant is not edible in any way it is a necessary thing if you otherwise want to start from scratch instead.

Follow along in this article and we will learn even more about the wonderful house plant that is the monstera. For us a great option if you want to get into gardening and caring for plants at home. The plant is rather hardy and resilient to a lot of things that would be difficult to get over for other plants.

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Tiny Yellow Bugs On Monstera

If you read the first part of this article then you would have gotten what the most likely culprit is for the yellow bug that might be attacking your monstera plant. It is something that’s called a thrips.

The worst part about this variety of bugs is that there are so many different ones. But the most common colors on these insects are yellow and black. They will often appear on monstera plants and sometimes some other houseplant varieties as well.

The best remedy against this type of attack on a monstera plant will actually be to use pesticides. But if you have a good gardening store near you then they should be able to carry some that are organic. For us, that is a very important aspect as they will otherwise be too harmful to us to use at home.

But ensuring that the plant has the best possible environment to grow in as well will be vital if you want your monstera plant to survive an attack by these small bugs named thrips. That means there should be a lot of sunlight on the plant each day. For us, we have found the best-growing monstera plants when they get about 8 hours each day.

Make sure you are also watering the soil appropriately. Meaning that the plant should be growing in very damp soil which always provides plenty of nutrition for the plant. It will in the long run help it enormously survive any hardship like the one we have been discussing here.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Yellow Bugs In Monstera

Getting rid of these pesky small bugs on your monstera plant is actually best done with a pesticide. It’s a reason why the big farmers are all using these things on their crops, as they are so effective.

We find that the most healthy for the plant however should be to use organic pesticides. These are normally available at most well-known gardening stores. But be careful with how much you are applying. These small bugs will not do a massive amount of damage to your monstera plant unless they are left for a very very long time.

This means we should use a limited amount of these pesticides so we can see whether it has an effect or not before adding more to the fire.

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What Kind Of Bugs Are On My Monstera

There is a large number of different bugs that might be starting to appear on your monstera plant. They are for the most part not beneficial in any way to the plant and its health of it. 

A list of these would be aphids, thrips, whiteflies, and fungus gnats. These are best counted using organic pesticides found at most gardening stores.

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