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When the soil that a plant is growing in is not drying out then there’s definitely something wrong. Most plants will be using the water that’s in the soil in order to further be able to grow and flourish. But when that stays the same then the plant is getting a lot more water than it’s actually spending.

So ensuring that there is very good water drainage is vital for the survival of the plant. As you might otherwise be aware, the plant will quickly begin to wilt if the soil is kept overwatered for too long. The roots are basically starting to drown. This then shows up above the soil as the stem might be turning black in color.

In the paragraphs below here we will be talking even more about how you could be caring for your monstera plants’ soil. It is in the grand scheme of things a very easy-to-grow houseplant at home on top of being a great option for beginners. It will show results rather quickly.

Small Monstera In A Pot

Monstera Soil Not Drying Out

If you read the part above here then you would have learned that the most likely reason why the monstera soil is not drying out then it’s because of there being bad drainage.

Drainage is a vital part of having success with growing any plant. It makes sure there isn’t a lot of water trapped in the soil. This excess water is best led away by a small hole in the bottom of the pot or container in which it is growing in.

If this water is instead kept inside the soil then you have to be really careful the next time you are watering. The monstera likes damp soil but noticing when it’s just right can be difficult. 

We recommend feeding the soil not only on the top but also sticking something down the soil to see the condition beneath. Sometimes the topsoil might be tricking you a little bit.

These are really good techniques to use if you are a beginner to gardening and especially when caring for a monstera plant. Using pebbles is a great way to give some more room for the water to escape. It basically creates a lot more space where the water can sit.

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Large Monstera Indoors

Why Is My Monstera Soil Still Wet

The soil that your monstera plant is growing in can start to get wetter and wetter if your roots are getting enough water and you keep adding. It can start to repel the excess water making it instead just sit in the pot which then causes the roots to be stressed.

So never add any more water to the soil before you have ensured that there is not an excess of water. This leaves us basically only needing to water the plant about 2 times a week. 

This will hopefully make the monstera plant able to keep a great balance with water and never have to stress to get any of it, on top of not having to stress to get rid of any.

If you were to find yourself with soil with plenty of moisture in it then we have found that leaving the plant in a warm and sunny spot will help dry out the soil quicker, and it might even save your plant if it was starting to look down.

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Monstera Leaf In The Sun

How Do You Dry Monstera Soil

Drying the soil in which the monstera plant is growing is actually rather easy. It really comes down to placing it in a very sunny spot where the water will more quickly start to evaporate

If you accidentally overwatered the plant then make sure you keep it in a sunny spot for the rest of the day at least. Perhaps the next day as well if you feel it’s necessary.

Monstera Leaves Growing In The Sun