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Whenever a plant is starting to look sad then there is a lack of something. In most cases, it will be water, and with monstera plants there really is not any difference. The plant will start to look droopy and sad when access to water becomes very limited.

But thankfully as you might guess the way you would fix this issue is pretty easy. The plant simply needs to get more water in the soil. But here is where the danger might come in. If you were to add too much then it might shock the plant which causes it to start looking even sadder.

Follow along in this article and we will be discussing what some of our best methods are when caring for a monster plant. The plant is somewhat resilient to drought but never if it keeps on for too much. It is therefore a very good option for beginners to start out with if they think gardening might be worth getting into.

Monstera Plant Growing In A Pot

Sad Monstera Plant

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the monstera plant will begin to look very sad if the plant doesn’t get enough water and is becoming more and more stressed because of that.

This means that we need to add more water to the soil to keep the root system happy. We find that adding a little bit at a time will be the best route to take as it will avoid any risk of shocking the plant as it suddenly has plenty of water again.

This could lead to parts of the plant’s root system dying and becoming a part of the soil instead of the plant. The ideal condition that the plant could be growing in would be damp soil. This means one that can take on a lot of water but also is able to lead away a lot of water.

If you were to be adding too much water and the plant is starting to feel bad because of that then you can simply fix it by keeping the plant in the sunniest spot possible. That will pretty quickly help dry out the soil which is what causes it to look sad.

But be careful that the plant is not sunburnt because of this large amount of exposure to the sun each day. If you wonder what a sunburnt monstera plant might start to look like then it will have a brown color and even a white shade if it has gone on for too long.

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Monstera Plant Growing

Yellow Leaves Monstera

When the leaves of any plant are starting to look yellow then you need to have a look at the soil. It is most likely very underwater. The same really goes for the monstera plant too. 

When the soil is too underwatered then it will cause the entire plant to start turning yellow. The root system is starting to stress because access to water is so limited. This makes the entire plant have a rough time ensuring it has enough supply of nutrition to keep growing.

As you might be able to guess, the best solution to this issue is to water the soil. The soil in the case of a monstera plant would be to keep it damp at all times.

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Monstera Plant Growing Outside

How To Trim A Monstera

Trimming a monstera plant is really not something that should be done except when you might have leaves that are turning in color and dying. The cutting or trimming of the leaves might be a good idea to hopefully save the plant from any more harm.

The best route to take then is to cut where the leaf is going into the stem. That will make it possible for the plant to hopefully start growing new leaves.

Monstera Plant Growing Inside