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Welcome to this article which will be talking about why a monstera plant might be starting to lean. The most common issue and reason for this happening are that the plant is not getting enough sunlight. When the plant is not getting enough sun then it needs to get that sufficient amount.

Like most other plants the monstera plant will need to grow a long stem in order to access this light source. This then causes the entire plant to not be very stable as a long stem just has been grown forth. But the easiest fix to this issue is that you can simply keep the plant in a sunnier spot to get those necessary 8 hours each day.

Follow along in this article and we will continue to learn even more about what it means when a monstera plant is leaning. It is not a very common issue as the plant is so slow growing normally and these issues are never really happening because of that. Nonetheless, it’s something that might be worth learning about anyway in order to prevent it.

Monstera Leaves Growing Inside

My Monstera Is Leaning

As we have already said in the article here, the monstera plant will being to start cleaning when the plant is not getting enough sunlight each day. The most ideal condition for any plant, especially the monstera plant, is 8 hours. That’s a number that can be applied to basically all other plants as well. 

Because of that, we need to get the plant that small fixed and be able to constantly grow and flourish in the area in which it’s growing in. When the plant is getting more than this however then it might start to diminish the growth it has had. 

The plant will instead be stressed which causes the leaves to start drooping. The monstera plant is not very susceptible to this thing, however. It will instead show when issues like this are happening when it’s already too late.

A monstera plant that is not getting those 8 hours of sunlight each day will have a hard time continuing to grow the way it has done before. We said that those 8 hours go across the board, but if you can keep your monstera plant outside then you will be able to get away with fewer hours. That is because the exposure the plant is getting is stronger than what it would be getting inside.

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Monstera Leaves Growing In The Sun

How Do You Fix Drooping Monstera

Fixing a drooping monstera plant is unfortunately not the easiest. The plant really needs enough sunlight each day in order to perform something called photosynthesis. 

That is a very important and vital process that makes the plant able to convert sunlight into energy which fuels the growth of the plant. Therefore when the plant is not getting to hours each day it will not be able to support itself.

Just like if the soil was not being watered enough during the day. That will also cause the plant to start drooping as the roots aren’t able to generate enough nutrition from the soil to pass on to the rest of the plant.

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Monstera Plants Indoors

Can You Straighten A Monstera

You can definitely straighten a monstera plant and there are a few different ways you can go about doing this. The best one we have found is to simply use some bamboo sticks and put them around the entire monstera.

Then use some string around the plant to help support the leaves. Leave the plant in a very sunny spot and wait for it to continue to grow and with time it will hopefully be able to start growing straight again.

Monstera Plants Growing Indoors