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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why a monstera plant might be growing some smaller leaves than normal. The issues can really be grouped into it not getting enough nutrients and water. On top of soil that is suffering from overfertilizing.

The monstera plant is normally a rather hardy plant which makes it a great option for people who are looking to get into getting some new houseplants at home. But that also means we need it to get the right condition to grow in as well. The soil should never be left to dry out too much.

Follow along below here and you will be able to find some good and useful information to apply when caring for your own monstera plant. It is a resilient house plant able to live for a very long time and also able to grow to some pretty impressive sizes. A great option if you are a beginner.

Monstera Leaves In The Sun

Monstera Only Growing Small Leaves

Just like we said at the beginning of the article here, the monster plant is susceptible to the conditions it’s growing in just like any other plant for that matter. It needs to be in tip-top conditions for it to be able to survive and also thrive

We find that soil which is kept well hydrated with good drainage is ideal for the monstera plant. With drainage that means the soil should never be pooling any water. That will have a pretty negative effect on the plant and causes it to start growing poorly.

Using a pot with a small hole in the bottom is the best fix to this issue. But enough water is not the only solution or fix. The plant will also need to get enough nutrients from the soil. Using some organic fertilizers every three or four months will be enough. That also helps us avoid accidentally overfertilizing the soil where the plant is growing.

Another overlooked issue that might be the reason for smaller leaves is that the plant is growing and the temperatures are changing a lot back and forth. That creates a rather large imbalance and causes unnecessary stress to the plant.

In time this can create a weaker immune system in the plant which then turns into less energy being put into growing new leaves. Which causes them to have a much smaller size.

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Monstera Plants Growing In Pots

Why Is My Monstera Not Producing Big Leaves

If you read the part above here then you would have already gotten the answers to this question. But to put it simply, the plant is growing in a poor place where several issues are affecting the way the plant is growing.

The condition of the soil will have a pretty great effect. Is the soil really underwater or really overwatered, and almost starting to look like mud? That will definitely have an impact on the size of new leaves growing.

But is the plant also getting enough sunlight each day? That is also a very important part as if the monstera plant is only getting UV light then you can expect some very small-sized leaves. Keeping it outside for a few hours during the day will greatly benefit its health of it.

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Monstera Plants Indoors

How Do You Make Monstera Leaves Bigger

Making the leaves of a monstera plant bigger is really not that difficult. We need the correct growing conditions for the plant mixed with some patience. The best environment for it will be a sunny spot where it can get about 8 hours each day.

That in combination with soil that is never left to dry out is the magic secret to getting larger leaves on a monstera plant. But you won’t be able to instantly see the results. Instead, you might have to wait a few months at the very least.

Monstera Plants Growing In The Sun