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Welcome to this article that will be discussing what you could be doing to a monstera leaf that has been broken off. It’s not completely uncommon that things like this happen as the plant is rather susceptible to outside forces, like a cat jumping the window or a kid finding the plant’s leaf very interesting.

All those things might cause the leaves to get damaged in some way. Thankfully the monstera plant is a rather hardy one that can manage through drought and some overwatering. But what it can’t do is completely regrow broken leaves. So the best thing to do here might actually be to just get rid of the leaf entirely.

Follow along in the article here and we will learn even more about preventing broken leaves and the care that’s needed after you have taken a leaf off. The plant is, like we said, very resilient and therefore a great option for a lot of people wanting to get into gardening.

Monstera Plant In A Pot

Broken Monstera Leaf

If you read the beginning of the article here then we said that the best thing might just be to get rid of the entire leaf. It will hopefully give the room the plant needs to start growing some new leaves where the broken one is.

But to do that we need to of course get rid of the broken one. The monstera plant can take on some rough conditions sometimes but what it, unfortunately, can’t do is regrow any leaf that has been broken off or severely damaged.

So just like a dead leaf, we need to cut it off to free up space. The spot where the leaf is attached to the main stem is where we need to cut. That will free up space for these small new leaves to start growing.

The unfortunate part is that the plant won’t be showing any sign of new growth super quickly. Instead, it will take some time for the damage to be repaired where the cut was.

An important part of cutting these leaves off will be afterward. The plant needs to be in the best possible environment to help support new growth. That means plenty of sunlight and soil that is never left to dry out at all.

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Monstera Plant Growing Indoors

What Do You Do With Broken Monstera Leaves

When a monstera leaf has been broken then the best thing is actually to just cut the leaf off. The plant is amazing in that it can survive some really rough conditions but what it can’t do is repair a broken leaf.

Here we need to step in and get rid of the leaf and hopefully we will have the plant growing some new ones from there instead. But have patience, those things can take some time. 

Just ensure that the plant has healthy and well-draining soil. Using a small amount of fertilizer in the soil after cutting the plant might be a good thing to do to help the plant on its road to recovery.

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Will A Broken Monstera Leaf Grow Back

The leaf of a monstera plant that has broken will not be regrowing into what it once was before. Instead, the plant will create something called a node. Which basically is a growing point where new leaves can come forth.

So for the actually broken leaf, it won’t regrow and is instead best to just cut it off and get rid of it. That will help it in the long term as no time is wasted and smaller leaves can start growing there.

Monstera Leaves Growing Outside