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Welcome to this article that will be discussing what you could be doing when you see monster leaves starting to die off. These leaves are really not doing any benefit to the rest of the plant and should instead be cut off to give more room for new growth.

All plants will do something called photosynthesis. It’s a process happening in the leaves and it’s something not possible if the leaves are dead. So getting rid of them is a good way of keeping the plant clean. Hopefully, the rest of the plant is healthy enough to continue to grow and one day that space might be filled with a new and healthy leaf instead.

Follow along in the article here and you will be able to learn even more about growing this fantastic plant at home. One of the best options if you are a beginner getting into gardening. The monstera plant is both resilient and offers a decorative touch to your home.

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Cutting Dead Leaves Off Monstera

The dead leaves are, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article here, not good for your plant as they are not able to perform photosynthesis. A vital part for all plants in order for them to generate energy which then fuels the growth of the plant.

We find that keeping these leaves on the plant is really not doing any good for it. Instead, it might be doing the opposite. It will hold back the opportunity for new leaves to grow forth where the dead ones are attached.

So for the sake of a healthy plant that can survive for a very long time then we highly recommend that you get rid of the dead leaves. Throw them in the compost if you have one and you might get some use for them that way. 

What is it then that kills the leaves of a monstera plant? Well in most cases it will be the result of a plant that has had a very hard time recently. There could be a severe lack of water and nutrition in the sun. But also not having access to sunlight causes the plant to give up some parts of itself.

It could also be because some type of insect has attacked the leaf enough to where it is no longer able to recover and instead dies off. but thankfully it is very rare for the monstera plant to ever reach a stage where the leaves die.

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Where Do I Cut Dead Monstera Leaves

If you have a monstera plant with some dead leaves the best thing to do is to get rid of them. They aren’t serving a purpose. But it’s important to know where you should be cutting them in order to avoid any unnecessary harm being done to the plant.

We find that cutting where the leaf is attached to the stem is the best plant. If you were to leave any of the dead leaves still intact on the plant then it won’t grow back and instead will be a hurdle for the monstera.

Hopefully getting rid of these leaves will give the room the new growths might need to start growing and getting a head start. 

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How Do You Cut Damaged Monstera Leaves

Damaged monstera leaves can actually start to recover. But the look of them might not be that great. So we often actually recommend that you just cut them off completely to give room to new growth instead.

If you read the segment above here, then you have learned about cutting dead leaves off. We recommend that you try and cut off where the leaf is attached to the main stem of the plant. That will get rid of any part of the leaf that might no longer be viable.

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