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When the leaves of a monstera plant aren’t opening then it can be caused by a variety of different issues. But the most common one is really not that dangerous. The plant might simply be dormant. Meaning it’s barely taking in any nutrients and spending any energy. 

But you could also begin to unroll them yourself in an attempt to tell the plant they might be a little late with the growth and needs to get going. Normally when the leaves are not opening the plant is not in any danger. It might just be a slow start for the plant.

Come along in this article here and we will learn even more about the wonderful plant that the monstera one is. A perfect option if you are a beginner that wants to get into growing and caring for some of your own plants. The monstera plant can last for a long time and continually grows throughout.

Monstera Plant Growing Inside

Monstera Leaves Not Opening

Just like the beginning of the article mentioned here, the monstera plant can have a few different reasons as to why the leaves aren’t really opening up. The most common one is that the plant is still dormant.

We find that this will often happen after leaves are starting to appear and it’s beginning to go into winter. The lesser amount of sunlight each day will signal to the plant it might be time to start slowing down a little bit.

Given that we need to give the plant a little bit of a push. You can very carefully try and unfold the monstera leaves and try to give a signal to the rest of the plant that it’s a little bit behind schedule

The monstera plant is normally a rather sturdy plant that can withstand different types of environments and still thrive in them like nothing. But in the case of new growths then it might be worth taking extra care to really ensure the leaves are growing the way we want them to. 

So keeping the plant in the sunniest spot is still very important, on top of also ensuring the soil is kept well hydrated with no large amount of water being trapped in there. These are relatively easy things to take note of and topics we have covered thoroughly here before.

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Monstera Plant Growing Indoors

How Do You Get Monstera Leaves To Unfurl

Getting the leaves of a monstera plant to really unfurl might seem like a really hard task. But in reality, it’s pretty simple. We can try and do it ourselves if you feel the plant is taking its sweet time.

But morally speaking the leaves will unfurl by themselves between 1 and 7 weeks. After that, you might be able to try and do it yourself, but be very careful to create any tears on the leaves.

The plant will need a lot of sunlight during these times to further encourage its growth of it. We follow the rule of at least 8 hours during the day if we keep it indoors. That has proven year and year again to make for a very happy monstera plant.

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Monstera Plant In A Pot

Why Are My Monstera Leaves Not Opening

The reason why your monstera leaves aren’t opening could simply be that the plant is not getting the right amount of sunlight. Try and keep it in the sunniest spot in your home. 

That will hopefully trigger it to perform enough photosynthesis to kickstart the leaves starting to open up. Otherwise, you can try yourself after the 7-week mark. 

Monstera Plant Indoors