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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why the new leaves on your monstera plant might be locking droopy. The most common cause for this happening is actually that the plant is not getting enough water. The plant is one that really likes when the soil is kept in a somewhat damp state at all times.

This creates the best type of environment where the roots can really start to flourish and expand. But above all, they are also able to take up the nutrition from the soil and pass that onto the rest of the plant. Which in turn makes it possible to grow the way it does. 

Follow along in the article here below and we will be discussing further what the best care is for the monstera plant. One of our favorites to have at home and a great decorative plant. But we feel it’s worth mentioning it’s a great option if you are looking to get into gardening and caring for plants.

Large Monstera Plant

New Monstera Leaf Droopy

Just like we mentioned at the beginning of the article here. The monstera plant can grow new leaves relatively often depending on the size of the plant. But when there are droopy or hanging leaves start to appear then we might have to do something about it. 

To keep it short, the plant is not getting enough water throughout the day. So we need to have a check on the soil to see how much it’s really missing. The ideal condition for the plant to grow in is soil that is damp.

That makes the roots have a much easier time taking up valuable nutrients that go to these new leaves so they can continue to grow. Checking the soil before adding any more water will be very important to not risk overwatering or underwatering again.

The plant can be very susceptible when there is either too little or too much water. Too little and the shade of the leaves will begin to change along with it looking tired. But if you add too much then the roots don’t get enough oxygen, causing them to drown. 

So there is a balancing act taking place when watering the monstera plant. But it’s worth mentioning that it’s fully expected not to get the ratio perfect if it’s your first time. The monstera plant is therefore a great option to practice with.

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Monstera Leaves In The Sunlight

Is It Normal For New Monstera Leaves To Droop

The new leaves of a monstera plant should really not be drooping. That is usually a pretty bad sign. It means the plant is not getting enough water, which in turn gets less nutrition to these new leaves.

So what you need to do is check the texture and condition of the soil before adding any more water. We recommend that the soil should be damp in order for the plant to be able to thrive. 

Adding little by little until that is achieved will be the best route to take as it will protect the plant as well from being overwatered. Overwintering a monstera plant can cause the roots to drown which cuts off the nutrition to the rest of the plant, causing a slow decay.

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Monstera Leaves Outside

Why Are Monstera Leaves Floppy

The leaves of a monstera plant might start to take on a floppy look as the plant is not getting enough water during the day. This can normally be easily fixed as the plant is watered until the soil is damp.

With some patience, the plant should come back to its vibrant self after a few days or so. If not then try and keep it in a sunnier spot to hopefully encourage more photosynthesis.

Monstera Plant Growing Indoors