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Welcome to this article that will be discussing how you could be keeping some cuttings from a monstera plant in a vase for decoration. The best way to keep a cutting will be in water of course. If you manage to keep it in a sunny spot as well then you can have it last for as long as a month.

This is a great way if you want to trim away a little bit of your monstera plant to give room for new growth to come forth. Even though it’s not very common to trim a monstera plant to get a bushier appearance, it’s definitely possible on some older plants.

Follow along in the article here and we will dive deeper into the topic of maintaining a monstera plant in a vase. We find that this is a great way of adding some decoration to other parts of your house. But if you are lucky the cutting might even create roots making it possible to report and grow a new monstera plant.

Small Monstera Leaves Outside

Monstera Leaf Vase

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the monstera plant is a great houseplant to keep at home. But it’s even better since it can manage a little bit of trimming every year or so. It’s a pretty slow-growing plant in all other regards so trimming it might seem counterproductive

But these new open spots will replenish the plant with energy as new leaves start to perform photosynthesis. It also makes it a stronger foothold in the place it’s in as the roots might have to work a little harder now to supply these new leaves with energy.

What can you do with these trimmings then? Well, keep them in a vase of course. This is the best way to get the most out of your plant and enjoy them for a much longer time. 

They can last in these conditions for as much as a month but that is only if you are able to get enough sunlight. So reserve the sunniest spot for these ones and make sure there is always some water in the vase.

If you are lucky you can have roots start growing from the cutting which then makes it possible to report it and have new monstera plants growing there.

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Monstera Plant In A Vase

Like we briefly mentioned above here, you are able to store monstera cuttings in a vase for a pretty long time actually. But the secret to maintaining them for the most is getting enough sunlight.

The cuttings are still alive and perform photosynthesis, they will therefore need to have access to sunlight. This will help the cutting generate energy which turns into creating a root system hopefully in the water the bottom part is in.

Ensure the temperature is stable as well. That will further increase the chance that your monster cutting starts to root. You might wonder how much water should be in the vase. We often recommend only a few inches of the cutting being submerged. Any more and it becomes counterproductive.

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Small Monstera In Pots

Caring For Monstera In A Vase

Caring for a monstera plant you are keeping in a vase really comes down to two different things. The first one is that it needs a sufficient amount of sunlight each day to survive. About 8 – 10 hours each day will be plenty.

But the water should also never run out in the vase. Keep it submerged a couple of inches to ensure you have plenty of room for roots to start taking shape.

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