How To Save My Mint Plant

Large Mint Plant Growing In The Sun

How To Save My Mint Plant

Welcome to this post about how you can save a dying mint plant. There can be a few different issues causing this to happen and in this article we will discuss just this. Thankfully mint is a very hardy culinary herb that can manage a lot of different conditions.

Saving a mint plant might not always be possible but it is usually worth a shot as the herb is pretty hardy like we mentioned. This means that if you are out in time the likelihood of it surviving and starting to thrive again is a lot bigger.

Below we will discuss this topic further and hopefully share some useful tips and tricks with you. Follow along!

Mint Plants Growing In The Sun

How To Save My Mint Plant

Saving a mint plant will often depend on what the issue might be. If the plant is just wilting and looking down then you can probably just water the soil and maybe fertilize it to get it back on track again.

Mint is a plant that will do best in soil that is very healthy and rich in nutrients. This is the best way of quickly regaining the stride for your plant. We find that using manure is the best option for making the soil healthy again. But it does smell quite a bit so using manure instead might be a great idea.

As for watering the soil you will want to do that pretty regularly during the summer. The soil should never be kept dry or too wet. You will need to learn to find a middleground for this. It comes with experience but watering a small amount at a time until you get the right look and consistency is the best way we think.

Other than that you can move the plant to a sunnier spot in the garden. Mint really enjoys a lot of sun during the day so making sure it gets that is a very important part of having it thrive and continue growing. Outside you want it to get around 6 – 8 hours while indoors it will need up to 10 hours instead.

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Mint Plant Growing In The Sun

Will My Mint Come Back

Your mint will definitely come back if it has had a good year. It is a perennial culinary herb that can last for many many years. If you keep it in the right conditions it will wilt down at the end of the season when the fall and winter comes.

But you shouldn’t worry as it will most likely come back in the spring as small sprouts. Keeping the plant healthy in the first few years is very important as it will make sure the root system develops properly. 

Another side note we want to include here is that at the end of the season you can cut off basically all of the plant. Since it’s a perennial and will come back the next year it’s definitely worth doing this. 

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Mint Plant Growing Outside

Why Is My Mint Wilted

The most common reason for your mint plant being wilted is a lack of water and nutrients in the soil. More often than not the plant will not wilt when it’s getting enough sun

Insted the nutrients in the soil is what will decide the health of your mint plant. Without that the plant will have no energy to extract and to continue growing with. So when you notice the plant is starting to wilt down then you can fertilize the soil every now and again.

We recommend using an organic fertilizer as this will make you able to eat the mint plant as well. Which for us is a very important part of gardening and making the most of the herbs we grow.

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