Can Mint Grow In Water Forever

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Can Mint Grow In Water Forever

Welcome to this post about whether mint can grow in water forever. Unfortunately for us, it can’t. At one point it will get overwhelmed as the root system starts to develop. But it can certainly survive longer than you might expect. In this article we will explore the possibilities of growing mint in water and making the most of it. It can be a powerful tool when you want to propagate new mint plantings and continue on one of the plants you might already have thriving at home.

If you would like to learn even more about growing mint and especially about growing it from cuttings then we have put together a complete guide just for that. You can find the article right here, How To Grow Mint From Cuttings.

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Can Mint Grow In Water Forever

We already revealed the answer in the beginning of this article. Unfortunately mint will not grow forever in water. But it can survive for quite some time. Much of the reason why it won’t live on is because the roots system will at one point start to drown and won’t grow properly. Drawing the root system is something that can also happen when you are growing mint in regular soil, either in a pot or on freeland. It’s an event that occurs when the water won’t go away and stays sticking to the roots.

But growing mint in water can be a very good technique to make use of it if you want more mint growing at home. We use it all the time when we take cuttings and want them to thrive straight away. It is actually a lot better growing mint cuttings or any type of herb cutting for that matter in water straight away. It will help develop roots quickly and safely. I can’t say I have had any success growing cuttings in soil straight away. They never seem to grow properly or at all.

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How Do You Keep Mint Alive In Water?

Okay, we tested a bit about how long you can grow mint in water, and we said it might be longer than you would think. When we grow cuttings in water we usually leave them for at least 2 weeks before replanting them in soil. But they could probably manage at least 2 months without issues.

But then you will need to top up the water content in the container you are growing in. Otherwise it will dry out quickly. We like to recommend that you only fill about an inch or so up with water to make sure that the only root developments that happen will be in the bottom.

Mint is a herb that grows the best in proper soil and good exposure to the sun. It can’t really produce these amazingly fragrant leaves otherwise. It will grow bushier and look a lot more beautiful as well if grown in soil.

I want to reiterate a bit again on what we have been talking about here in this article. Mint can’t unfortunately grow in water forever. You might find ads showing this but it is really not possible, at least for the long term. About 2 months is the limit for us here. But since we use it for propagating cuttings then any more than 2 weeks is necessary for us. Investing in good soil and a good pot with holes letting the excess water leak out will always be the best choice. It’s the only way to produce fantastic and thriving mint plants at home.

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