How Long Does Mint Take To Root

Mint Sprig And Roots Indoors

How Long Does Mint Take To Root

Welcome to this post about how long mint will take to root. Fortunately for us, mint is one of the fastest growing culinary herbs out there. It can root in less than 2 weeks if all the conditions are right and it’s grown in the correct environment. They are not very hard to get right though, but it’s a good idea to be aware of what it likes. The part where the mint roots is also called the germination process. But more on this further down in the article.

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How Long Does Mint Take To Root

Like we said in the beginning of the article, mint will take about 2 weeks to root. A very quick process but at this stage it is still incredibly fragile and will require a lot of attention still. Making sure it has the best possible environment to grow in is crucial if you want success. But more on that further down. For the actual time when it has rooted and is stable, is more around the 3 month mark honestly. This is also when you would usually do the first meaningful harvest of the plant. I wouldn’t really consider the plant established before this point.

Like we said, you need to cover all the bases to promote the best possible growth for the mint. What are some of these important steps then? Well the first one and the one that probably needs the most attention is the condition of the soil. Is it dry or is it very damp or almost soggy from watering? Mint is a herb that excels when the soil is kept slightly damp and wet at all times. So making sure it stays that way is important. The best way and only way to know if that is the case is feeling the soil and looking at it.

Good water drainage is also very important to growing mint successfully. This means that all the excess water will leak out and not pool at the top of the soil or stay in the bottom where the roots are. If we want good root development then this is a priority. Too much water will make the roots rot and all that patience and attention to the plant was wasted. The best way of preventing this is to make sure there are small holes in the bottom of the pot, so that the excess water we talked about can escape somewhere.

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How Long Does Mint Take To Root In Soil?

I want to reiterate a bit again on the question, how long does it takes for the mint plant to develop roots in soil? We said that once you sow the seed it will begin a process of germinating. This lasts about 10 – 15 days and is also when it first starts to develop any form of roots. But when we consider it to have an established root system it is usually at the 3 month mark. Since this is when we can make the first harvest, the plant has developed enough that it can withstand both pruning and cutting.

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Mint Plant Growing In The Garden

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