Grass That Smells Like Mint

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Grass That Smells Like Mint

Welcome to this post about grass smelling like mint. This might actually be a common occurence actually because a weed will grow in the garden. It’s called ground ivy and has the smell and look of mint. Generally it’s not a bad thing to have in the garden as it wont take over and out compete other plants.

In this article we will dive a bit deeper on this topic and discuss further what the weed is and how you can manage it and how to get rid of it if you want to. Follow along and you might learn something new about gardening.

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Grass That Smells Like Mint

Just like we said in the beginning of the article here, the reason for the grass smelling like mint is because of something called ground ivy. It’s a very common weed that will grow in the lawn.

The smell will often be noticeable after you have cut the lawn. This will release the aromas of the plant and therefore it can smell like mint when you are outside. The look and the smell of the plant is very similar to mint but you should be able to differentiate them pretty easily.

The ground ivy will grow a lot smaller while a mint plant will be larger. The lives of both of them will be similar in that slightly ribbed appearance on the edge of them. The flowers are also pretty similar in the slightly purple appearance.

You might wonder about the impact that ground ivy can have on the garden. Fortunately it’s not a whole lot. If you regularly mow your lawn then you will always be cutting down the ground ivy and prevent it from flowering. This will in turn not make it able to seed and therefore spread itself more. Instead the only way for it to propagate is by spreading the root system.

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Can You Have A Mint Lawn

You can absolutely have a mint lawn at home. But you might not want to try to grow it with the regular and most common mint variety being peppermint. They grow too large and will not produce a very pretty lawn.

Instead you can use something called coriscuan mint. This will grow smaller and more bushier making it a great lawn replacement. The smell of your lawn will now be very fragrant. But there are some things that you need to be aware of when choosing this as to what to grow in the lawn.

The first thing is that it might not tolerate a lot of foot traffic. So having it at home will be more for beauty and smell then actually use. Another thing you need to be aware of is the temperature that you have where you live during the winter. It can’t be too cold as this will greatly harm the mint.

Lastly you will also want to regularly water the lawn as the mint variety is not very drought resistant and it can start wilting very quickly. But fortunately you will quickly see it if something is going wrong.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Ground Ivy

If you want to get rid of ground ivy in your lawn and have a beautiful lawn that only has grass then you need to use a weed killer. There is unfortunately no easy way of getting rid of it without chemicals

You will want to have a weed killer that contains dicamba. This is because it will specifically target the ground ivy in the lawn. You will usually be able to find these in any garden store around you. 

Note that the best time of the year getting rid of ground ivy is in the spring when the leaves are still tender and the plant is just starting to grow. So make sure you apply the weed killer at this time. 

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