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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a peach tree might start to have the fruits dropping. The most common reason is that the temperature has dropped enough to cause frost which triggers the tree to drop the fruits.

The tree basically thinks the end of the season is here and in order for the line of genetics from the tree to continue it needs to spread the fruit and the seeds so that new peach trees can sprout. The fruits then get dropped and hopefully they will start growing.

Follow along in this article and we will be discussing some more about this topic and what you can do about the fruits that are dropping and hopefully a few things to prevent it.

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Why Are Peaches Falling Off My Tree

Just like we mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the peach tree will be dropping fruits when the temperature of the climate gets so cold that the tree thinks it’s the end of the season.

That is what triggers the tree to start dropping the fruits and they will pretty quickly start to decompose. You might wonder how much the temperatures need to drop in order for this to start happening. Well, it’s just below freezing actually.

Which is something that definitely can happen during the autumn depending on the area you are living in. But hopefully, the summer has been warm enough to fully ripen the fruits and you can harvest them before this happens.

If the peach tree you have is still growing in a pot and you intend to keep it like that then you can move it indoors and have it ripen the last bit here. This will hopefully ensure that the fruits aren’t dropping.

What could you then do if you have a bunch of peaches that have dropped and are starting to go bad? Well the best use for them is in compost. Here they can at least provide some nutrition for the bacteria living in there and eventually they will end up in your garden again as compost.

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What Causes Premature Fruit Drop

The reason that the fruits of a peach tree might start dropping earlier than they have ripened is the temperature. it might have ended up going lower during the night to trigger the tree to start dropping fruits. 

It will really then come down to the area that you are living in and the impact that has on the growth of the tree. We, therefore, find that the most successful peach growers are all in California or Florida. Here the temperatures are high enough all year to not trigger this.

But it might also be that the tree is stressed and needs to release tension and energy draining parts of its growth. Then the fruits are one of the first things to go. Luckily you can still use them in compost and get some use of them still.

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Peaches Molding On Tree

If the peaches are starting to mold on the tree then they have most likely been very overripe. This causes insects and birds to be very attracted to them and eventually start to nibble on them.

This causes oxygen to get in contact with the flesh of the fruit. This creates a perfect place for bacteria to grow which eventually will turn into mold and make the peach entirely inedible.

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