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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a peach tree might be producing fruit that isn’t very large. The fact usually comes down to there not being enough nutrition and water in the soil. 

These things will quickly have an effect on the health of the tree and cause it to grow slower and if this keeps up then the health of the tree might be so bad that it will simply die off.

Follow along in this article if you would like to learn even more about this and what some things are that you could be doing to prevent this from happening. We all want to have a plentiful harvest and we are here to provide you with the info on how to get that.

Small Peaches Laying Indoors

Why Are Peaches On My Tree Small

Just like we mentioned already at the beginning of the article here, the peach tree will be growing smaller fruits when the soil health is not very good. This will cause the tree to not be able to provide enough energy to the fruits so that they can continue and be developed.

Maintaining a great height of the tree is incredibly important and luckily the peach tree is normally a very beginner-friendly plant to start out with as the basic needs are easy to meet.

The first is enough sunlight for the tree. That means that it needs about 6 – 8 hours of sun if it’s growing outdoors. This is easiest achieved if you reserve a south-facing place for the peach tree as the sun will be shining here the most during the day.

The second thing that is affecting the size of the peaches is the health of the soil. When there are dry periods and you aren’t replenishing the soil with water then the tree gets stressed which then reflects the size of the fruit. 

We, therefore, need to help it and water the soil during the summer when the temperatures are much higher. Using some form of fertilizer will also be a great thing to do. We recommend manure because of the high level of nutrition and beneficial bacteria it brings. Just be aware that the smell might not be very good, to say the least.

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Why Are My Peaches Not Getting Bigger

The fruits on the peach tree will stop growing when the amount of nutrition they are getting gets slowed down or even stopped. That happens when the source of nutrients is finished. Therefore we need to make sure that the soil that the tree is growing in stays healthy so as to support the tree all the time.

We recommend as we said above here to using manure, but for a lot of people that might not be an option, because of either the possibility of getting some or just the sheer smell of it.

Then you can use any organic fertilizer found at most gardening stores. Using this every three months or so will help boost the health of the soil and keep the root system happy.

The other factor for peaches not growing might be that the tree is simply stressed and needs some rest before growing more. Then you will just have to wait and closely watch the tree. 

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How Do You Make Peaches Bigger

Getting the peach tree to grow larger fruits is best done by ensuring the soil it’s growing in is very healthy and provides plenty of nutrition for the tree. That in turn evolves into the fruit able to grow larger and richer in vitamins and sugars.

Fertilizing the soil is important for all plants, especially fruit trees where the size of the end harvest really depends on it.

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