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Welcome to this article that will discuss the issues that sometimes can occur with cactus plants in the shape of many brown spots. The most likely cause we have found for this is that the roots are starting to rot.

This is mostly caused by too much water in the soil, or just that the small amount of water they do get stays there all the time. Meaning the drainage in the soil is very poor.

We will continue to discuss this problem below and also talk about the best ways to keep a cactus plant so that it can thrive and continue growing.

Cactus Plant Growing In The Pot

Moon Cactus Brown Spots

Just like we mentioned at the beginning of this article here, the most likely cause for a cactus plant starting to develop some brown spots on the plant is that the roots are not having a good place to grow in.

They are starting to rot because there is too much water in the systems there. This makes them susceptible to just that, rotting.

This will quickly show up in a color difference in the plant and for us, it indicates that we might need to take drastic measures. The roots of the plant are a vital part of its whole survival of it. Without them, the plant can’t get the necessary energy it needs every day.

Watering a cactus plant should be limited since the plant is so efficient with the water that it does it. It can store it for longer times and makes use of it when it might be scarce.

We recommend water in very small amounts to eliminate the risk of having the water pool and start killing the roots. We also look at the drainage in the soil. Good water drainage means that the water never stays in the soil for too long and instead has the chance to leak out.

The simplest way to make sure of this is to grow the plant in a pot with a small hole in the bottom. Here the water can escape and won’t cause any harm to the plant anymore.

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How Do I Get Rid Of Brown Spots On My Cactus

When the cactus plant is starting to get brown spots the problem might be hard to fix since it has already gone too far. The problem lies in that the soil has too much water in it causing the roots to start rooting.

This is shown by the plant turning brown as the above soil part is also rotting at a slow pace. But luckily there are a few measures that you can take to hopefully save the plant.

The basics are that the soil has too much water and we need to get rid of this. Digging up the plant and transplanting is not really an option as that will just cause shock to it.

Instead, place the pot with the plant in the sunniest spot in your home and hope that the soil can dry out quickly enough before any more harm is caused to the plant.

If this doesn’t happen then there is nothing that you really can do for the plant. The best thing here is to get a new one and be more careful when watering the soil.

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Cactus Plant Growing Indoors

How Do You Know When A Moon Cactus Is Dying

The best sign to look for if you think your moon cactus is dying is brown spots on the plant. This comes when the roots are starting to rot on the plant. There is essentially too much water in the soil and it creates a bad environment for the roots to grow in.

Watering a minimal amount each time is the best way to hopefully prevent this from ever being an issue.

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