(How To Fix) Why Is My Mint Plant Dying

Mint Growing In The Garden

(How To Fix) Why Is My Mint Plant Dying?

Having a mint plant at home that just seems to be getting worse and worse every day is no fun. Unfortunately mint can be susceptible to a few different things that can make it start dying. In this article right here we will be discussing how you can prevent this and maybe even bring you mint back to life. It won’t be easy but definitely worth it.

Mint Growing Outdoors

Why Is My Mint Plant Dying?

There are a few different things that can really affect a mint plant for the worse. The first one is water. Either the soil has too much or too little. If it’s too much then the roots will start rotting on the plant. It’s hard to spot from the surface since the roots affected are often very deep underneath.

What we find is the best way to notice is checking the topsoil. If you stick your finger an inch down the soil should be damp and not moist or like mud. That will definitely have a bad effect on the plant. Instead we want the soil to be moist and wet instead.

If the soil is too dry then you will definitely see that on the plant that the leaves will start wilting a lot. The plant will start hanging and the soil will start cracking. If this happens then you quickly need to water it to have any chance of bringing the mint plant back to life. Water in small amounts at a time to not stress the plant. It is also easier getting the texture for the soil just right this way.

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Mint Sprigs Laying Indoors

The second factor was the sun. A mint plant really likes a lot of sun during the day. We want it to get at least between 6 – 8 hours if it’s outside. But growing indoors this number increases a bit. Instead we have to aim for 10 hours. If the plant is getting this amount of sun each day it will be sufficient enough to survive and also thrive.

The solution for these issues are pretty simple. If the plant is not having enough water you can water the soil until it’s wet and damp. If it’s too much then you probably could place it in the sun for a bit and hope that it will dry up faster and the mint plant will survive. If it’s not getting enough sun then you probably should move it to a better place in your garden or just move it outside if you have it indoors.

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Will Dead Mint Grow Back?

Depending on the state that your mint is in it might not come back unfortunately. If the mint has already died then it will not be coming back. Even if you have watered the soil a lot or placed it in the sun. The fact of the matter is that the mint does not have any roots or even energy to start growing again.

The best thing to do if your mint has died is to grow a new plant instead. Since mint is an herb that can usually grow all the year indoors then the time to plant mint is really whenever you feel like. With this in mind however, the best time to make it easier to get sufficient sun is during the spring or the summer.

But if you see that your mint is starting to wilt a lot and you want to grow it back and revive it then you definitely can. Mint is a pretty hardy plant generally and just having the basics covered will usually promote it to come back.

Make sure the soil is sufficiently watered and it’s getting enough sun. But another thing you can do is boost the health of the soil a bit with some fertilizers. This will increase the beneficial bacteria in there and hopefully give some more energy to the plant. But don’t use too much and follow instead the instructions on the label of the fertilizer. Make sure it’s an organic one as well so that you can harvest and eat the mint too.

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Mint Plant Growing In The Garden

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