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Welcome to this article that will talk about what might be growing from your succulent plant in the shape of a long stem with flowers. In almost all cases it’s a bad sign when succulents are growing tall.

The plant is lacking sunlight and therefore will seek out more of it. This is displayed by its growing tall stem.

In this article, we will dive deeper into this topic and what you will need to do to fix the issue to once again have a healthy and thriving succulent plant.

Succulent Plant Growing Indoors

Why Is My Succulent Growing A Long Stem With Flowers

Just like we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the reason for a succulent plant growing a tall stem is because of the lack of sunlight it’s getting.

Succulent plants are often grown indoors and will require somewhere between 8 – 10 hours of sunlight every day. This is the minimum requirement and you need to have this covered so that your plant can flourish and stay healthy.

The good thing is that if you are worried or curious about it getting enough then you will see it by a tall stem growing from the plant. It will have sections of leaves in different stages but the distance between them will be pretty long. 

The plant will look nothing like when you first planted it and had a healthy version of it. It’s unfortunate that it’s hard to reverse this without pruning or cutting down the plant more.

If your plant has already grown a tall stem then it will likely also start flowering from it once it has gotten long enough into the summer season and feels ready.

We find that the best thing to do when something like this happens is to cut down the tall stem and hope for the plant to regrow and cover up the cut surface of it.

The two things you need to get right with growing succulents are the amount of sun they are getting but also the watering of the plant.

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Flowering Succulent Plant

Should You Cut The Flowers Off Succulents

In most cases, you should not cut off the flowers from the succulent plant. The plant flowers beautifully and doesn’t have a tendency to spread easily. For the health of the plant as well it’s a good idea to just let it flower.

But we do recommend cutting the flowers off if they are starting to look bad or drying up. Then for the sake of the plant, you can cut them off. It will save a lot of energy for the plant.

We also recommend in general that any leaves on the succulent plant that are dead or dried up are a good idea to cut off. The stem of the plant can also be cut off if it has grown very tall, just like we talked about in the segments above here.

Succulents are generally pretty hardy plants that will grow slowly and steadily and is a fantastic plants to have in the house. Pruning and cutting the plant is minimal and the care that’s needed for the plant is basically limited to watering it.

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Succulent Plant Growing Outside

What Do You Do With Succulent Flower Stalks

The flower stalk of the plant can grow rather tall, depending of course on how large your succulent plant is beforehand. Sometimes they might not look very good too, especially when it has flowered for a while and it’s coming to an end.

We, therefore, recommend that you cut off the flower stalk of the plant to make it look nice once again. To do this you will need a sharp knife or a scissor. Cut the stem where it meets the leaves. This way it will look the best once the cut surface heals again.

Succulent Plant Growing Outside