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Welcome to this post about how long a succulent plant can go without being watered. The fact is that the plant is a very hardy variety that can last between 1 – 3 months without any water

This makes succulents a great houseplant to have at home since they won’t be harmed if you accidentally forget about them for a few weeks. But that is not to say the plant will be any healthier because of this.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the common questions that come up with growing and watering succulents at home.

Watered Succulent Plants

How Long Can A Succulent Go Without Water

Just like we said at the beginning of the article, succulents are very hardy plants when it comes to watering. The plant can surprisingly last between 1 – 3 months without any water at all.

This makes it one of our favorite plants to have at home and grow since the plant is perfect for people that might have a busy schedule and can’t pay 100 % attention to the plants at home.

The plant is used to growing in very dry and nonnutritious soil but it will perform and grow a lot better in well-watered soil that has been fertilized. The plant will be growing bushier and bushier and will spread more evenly.

The succulents growing outdoors might not last this long without any watering since the soil will dry up quicker because of the sun being able to reach it more easily. Here we recommend watering the plant every 2 weeks at the minimum. This way we won’t risk that the soil will dry out too quickly and the leaves might get sunburnt otherwise.

Indoors the succulent plants will last a lot longer since the soil can stay moist a lot longer. It’s important that you check the conditions of the soil before watering. It should be somewhere between damp and moist. This is the ideal condition to have the plant growing in.

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How Often Do Succulents Need To Be Watered

We have briefly talked about how often you should be watering your succulent plants in this article. The answer is that it will depend a lot on where they are growing if that’s indoors or outdoors.

Keeping them outdoors then you might want to water them about once a week since the soil will be drying up quickly. But depending on the temperature and climate then perhaps twice a week might be better.

Growing it indoors then you could probably get away with watering them every other week. The soil will just dry up a lot slower so we can stay away from watering and risk having the roots start to rot because of bad drainage. Something that can occur when the soil gets too much.

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Succulent Plants Growing Outdoors

How Do You Know If Succulents Needs Water

The best way to know if a succulent needs water is to look at the soil. It shouldn’t be very dry and instead, you will want to aim for a texture between damp and moist. This is the perfect place and environment for a succulent plant to be growing.

We recommend just feeling the soil and the water in small amounts until the ideal is reached. This will reduce the risk of overwatering and causing the roots of the plant to start to rot.

Having the roots rot will quickly make the plant die. It can happen in just a few weeks and therefore watering the succulent plant is one of the most important things you need to get right. But it’s only the real thing you need to keep up with since pruning and cutting the plant is not really necessary.

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