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Welcome to this post that will talk about the best and easiest ways to spot whether the leaves of your succulent plant are calloused.

In almost all cases the succulent plant will be callous for between 3 – 4 days and the best way to spot this is to look at them. Are you seeing a shift in color on them? Then they might be calloused.

In this article, we will discuss further what this means and some of the things you can do about it to once again have a healthy and thriving plant

Calloused Succulent Plant

How To Tell If Succulent Leaf Is Calloused

Just like we said at the beginning of this article the best way to see if a leaf on the succulent plant is calloused is to look at the color. You should be seeing a shift in color. This indicates that the leaves are calloused.

Often this happens when the surface has been exposed after either cutting it or something has come against it. This process will make the surface of the cut dry up and of course, change a bit in color. It’s not something that will kill our planet most likely.

Instead, this is something that helps your plant survive and it seals off the surface and hinders disease or pests from latching on and making the succulent plant sick.

The process of callusing will usually last between 3 – 4 days before it’s almost fully healed and ready to start growing again. It’s a rather fast process and there are a few things you can do to make sure this goes without any issues.

The first is making sure it gets adequate amounts of sunlight every day. In most cases, you will keep the succulent plant indoors in a pot. Then it’s important to have it placed in a sunny window where it can get between 8 – 10 hours of light every day.

This will keep the plant growing the way it should and also mitigate the risk it growing a tall and ugly stem. Watering the plant is also important, this includes never letting the soil dry out completely.

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Succulent Plant Growing Outside

Why Do Succulents Need To Callus

The process of having the plant callus is vital for the survival of the plant. It’s almost like a scab for the plant. It will prevent the loss of water, something that could stress the plant and might cause harm.

It also acts as a protection as it seals the exposed surface and makes it harder for diseases and pests to latch on and cause the succulent plant to die.

An important thing we want you to know about is that you should not let any water reach the leaves. Instead, water is closer to the surface of the soil. If you were to get water on the leaf where the callous is happening, then the risk of having rot appear is greater.

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Callus Succulent Plant

How Long Does It Take For A Succulent Leaf To Callus

We have already mentioned the timeline for a succulent leaf to callus before in this article but to reiterate it again, somewhere between 3 – 4 days is the normal time.

It’s vital that you don’t accidentally water the leaf where there is an exposed surface. This might cause it to rot, something that can be detrimental to the plant.

During this time when the plant is exposed and vulnerable we still want to keep it healthy. This includes it getting enough sun and water during the day. 

Succulent Plant Growing Indoors