Why Do I Hate Mint

Flowering Mint In The Garden

Why Do I Hate Mint

Welcome to this post about why you might hate mint. The simple reason really is that the taste of mint is one that you either love or hate for the most part. It’s a very distinct flavor that can be hard to start to love.

In this article we will dive a bit deeper into why you might not like mint. Spoiler alert, there is nothing wrong with not liking mint. Just like some people don’t like cilantro or what not either.

Mint Plant Growing In The Sun

Why Do I Hate Mint

Just like people not liking either coffee or cilantro, the same goes for mint. The flavor can be very off-putting for some people. It really just comes down to the palate that you have.

Every palate is different and what people like can differ a lot between different people. We know a lot of people that can’t have cilantro, it just tastes like soap to them. But for us we love it on basically everything.

Same goes with mint, the slightly cooling and sweet flavor and feel when eating it can make it unpleasant for some. But if you really want to start to learn to like mint, just like with coffee, then it can be done. The best route to take is just to start eating more and more things with mint. Such as chocolate or salads or even some desserts.

Some people can even think mint tastes bitter. This is not as uncommon as you might think. Here we dive a bit deeper into this, Why Does Mint Taste Bitter.

Mint Growing In The Garden

What Do You Do If You Don’t Like Mint

The thing you can do if you don’t like mint is to just stop eating it. It can usually be avoided very easily. Often then not, whatever product that contains mint will have it displayed widely. Since it’s a very special flavor, marketing this is very often done.

If you instead want to start to learn to like mint, just like we all did with coffee. It might actually be rare to find people that instantly liked mint from the start. Instead it can be clumped together with other flavors that are needed to learn to like.

So we therefore recommend that you try and eat foods or even sweets or whatnot that contain mint. We like mint a lot here and want more people to enjoy the same joys we have with this magical culinary herb.

Sometimes mint can start to turn purple. If this happens then there are a few things that you can do to fix this and help it get back on track. Find our article about it here, Why Is My Mint Plant Turning Purple.

Mint Plant Flowering In The Garden

Why Do We Like Mint

The reason for most people liking mint is the refreshing and slightly sweet flavor that comes with it. But also the signature minty flavor that can slightly be compared to eucalyptus. This is atleast for us what really makes mint one of our favorites.

Using mint in cooking or baking contains so many possibilites. All from making a minty and delicious ice cream or a fresh salad topped with some fresh leaves. The choice really is yours with mint. But one of our favorites is the classic mint chocolate. Never gets old.

We have grown up on having a garden at home with a variety of different herbs and vegetables. But when it came to herbs, mint was something always growing at home. So starting early in life by consuming mint will set you up for the future in enjoying this herb.

Mint Plant Growing In The Garden

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