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Welcome to this article that will be discussing the possibility of growing a monstera plant in water and how long you can expect it to last. The fact is that the monstera plant will not be able to survive in just water forever. It’s not a variety that can be grown hydroponically.

But you might be surprised that it will last at least 3 weeks or so without any nutrients or even light. After that, the plant will slowly start to get worse and worse before it dies off completely.

Follow along in this article and we will be talking even more about the option of growing in water and what some of the short-term benefits might be with it. It’s a very interesting and cool way of propagating new growths from the plant. Great way to save some money as new ones are rather expensive these days.

Monstera Plant Leaves

How Long Can Monstera Live In Water

Just like we revealed at the beginning of the article here, the monstera plant will unfortunately not be able to survive forever in water, or even for a very long time for that matter. The timeline is somewhere around 3 weeks before the plant will die.

But with that timeline, we also take into consideration that it’s not getting any light or any nutrients at all. So if you can supply either of those then the time might increase a bit.

But there are some benefits to growing in water. One of them is that it’s the best way to propagate new plants. The cuttings will need to have something called a node on them in order for them to be able to produce new offshoots. 

Placing the cuttings in a har where about 1 third is submerged will be enough to have them starting to root. After the three-week mark, you should be able to see some form of root system taking shape. Make sure the plant was very healthy beforehand and has great access to sunlight during the day. 

Prepare a pot with some soil and then place the cutting in there. It will quickly establish itself and before you know it you have another monstera plant at home.

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How Long Should My Monstera Root In Water

We briefly touched on this question in the segment just above here. But the general rule for almost all plants is that they should be rooting for about 3 weeks. That seems to be the sweet spot for them to be able to grow enough roots and healthy enough to be transplanted.

The same then goes for the monstera plant actually. We find that placing it in a very sunny window will be the best as here the small offshoots from the node will be able to take in the sunlight.

After the three-week mark is really when you need to think about potting it. The risk otherwise is that the roots will drown and the cutting will slowly start to turn bad.

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How Do You Keep Monstera Alive In Water

Keeping a monstera plant alive in water will really come down to making sure it has some form of light source for it. Otherwise, the plant might not survive more than three weeks or so.

The light is necessary for the plant to be encouraged to grow and develop a root system if you are keeping it in water only.

Monstera Plant Growing Inside